Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fast & Furious Holder testimony

For those still paying attention to one of the most concerning scandals plaguing the Obama Administration (aside from the Solyndra money pit) -- a non-combat situation that nonetheless contains a body count in the hundreds throughout Mexico and at least a dozen incidences in our country, including the killing of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, with U.S. weapons purposefully allowed to be placed in the hands of drug cartels -- Attorney General Eric Holder testifed before members of the U.S. Senate on Operation Fast & Furious yesterday, continuing to play the part of someone who should have no responsibility in the matter...

'More precise'? Not likely with this squirmy guy...

'Weeks, months, hell, years...what's it matter...I don't understand the question.'

He's got an excuse for everything, because he's on it!

'Just because the agency is under my watch, I can't be expected to know about one of our most damning operations.'

Here, not wanting to 'quibble', Holder claims that no one in his department intended to deceive the Senate, the information provided just happened to be 'inaccurate', not 'false'...again, another 'We can't be held accountable' instance from the man who's ultimately accountable.

Some other poignant exchanges occurred, yet Holder remained resilient when pressed on the accountability of the false documentation sent to Congress, as well as callous in accepting his department's responsibility in Agent Brian Terry's untimely death.

Holder even attempts to turn the tables as the one who's feigningly insulted when Sen. Grassley divulged information that Holder presumed he wasn't supposed to be asked about, and thus distracted from the question at hand...

...isn't the point of these hearings to get answers, to get this out in the open, to understand what went wrong? Evidently not. To this guy, it's all for show.

Holder continues to evade blame and responsibility for the disaster that has ensued by allowing weapons to flow into the hands of Mexican drug cartels in some sick attempt to reinvigorate the gun control sentiment in our country. He won't say it, Obama or anyone else in the administration won't say it, but the intent becomes more clear every time the veil is lifted a little more, as BlogsForVictory, among others, elaborates:

Not being able to get any traction as all the gun control ideology has proven false, someone cooked up a plan to arm Mexican criminals and then blame honest, innocent American gun dealers for the weapons…we were never supposed to find out that the weapons were purchased by the US government and illegally transferred to the drug gangs.

It is time to press the Attorney General harder, cut through his arrogance and deception, and take off the gloves when questioning this hostile witness, as well as others within his department. Justice demands at the very least that these officials should lose their jobs, but more appropriately, they should be held responsible, prosecuted and, if convicted, punished for these crimes against citizens of both America and Mexico.

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