Thursday, November 3, 2011

No documents, no sources, no names, no evidence

"No documents, no sources, no names, no evidence," says Mark Levin, and he's right!  Now after nearly 5 days, after all the allegations, a new Rasmussen poll shows Cain continues to draw the most support nationally for the Republican nomination.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely GOP Primary voters shows Cain with 26% of the vote over former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s 23%. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich draws 14% support...

Iowans continue to support Herman Cain after individuals from Saturday's Des Moines Register poll where repolled upon learning of the allegations, showing that their support had not wavered. And Iowa is not the only state to stay on the Cain trainPublic Policy Polling in Maine and North Carolina show Cain pulling ahead of the pack, and support in South Carolina continues to grow, despite, and seemingly in spite of, the allegations.

Herman Cain’s popularity in South Carolina appears to be surging in what a new poll suggests could be a sign that anonymous allegations of sexual harassment will endear him to a segment of voters inclined to doubt the claims and view them as part of an attack on an anti-establishment candidate.

Supporters have also rallied monetarily with above-average fundraising for the campaign.

Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, succinctly slams the media double standard that's so apparent this week:

ABC, CBS and NBC pounced on the opportunity to slam GOP hopeful Herman Cain - even with unnamed accusers and sources. It is indefensible how the networks were quick to defend Bill Clinton by not reporting public accusations of rape, inappropriate physical contact, and explicit behavior – and are quick to attack Herman Cain on the basis of unspecified allegations by anonymous sources.

And Rush commented on the pundit's universally agreed upon botching by the Cain campaign, and asks "what is 'handling it right'?" He answers the question in only a way that Rush is capable of...

And while there's no doubt that there have been mistakes made in handling this incident, Fred Thompson writes a National Review piece that moves beyond this acknowledgement and states that although he has no idea who leaked the story, "I’d say that looking inside the Republican family is probably a good bet."  As we tend to eat our own all too often, I'd have to unfortunately agree.

ADDENDUM: I share the sentiment of Aaron Goldstein, and by default, Jeffrey Lord, in an American Spectator piece entitled, "Don't Underestimate Cain".

Also, Cain appeared on Sean Hannity's radio program for an entire hour to answer questions and clear the air of these baseless accusations...

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