Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Yemen burns, while Obama plays Captain Planet and Boehner confesses to Behar

While Kerry diverts from Syria with more climate change propaganda, Obama follows suit. As Yemen burns...
Breitbart: Yemen's Houthi (Ansarullah) anti-government militias took control of many government buildings in Sanaa, Yemen's capital city, on Sunday, and then agreed to a United Nations sponsored peace agreement to end the fighting. However, some reports indicate that the fighting is continuing as before.

The Houthi militias are believed to be receiving weapons and training from Iran. Yemen is also the base of the Sunni jihadist al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), and southern Yemen is attempting to secede from Yemen.

The concern is that sectarian (Shia versus Sunni) violence will accelerate in Yemen, affecting the entire region.
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...Captain Planet directs more executive actions against Mother Nature...before UN approval, no less!
Breitbart: President Obama announced a series of executive actions to fight climate change on Tuesday, during a speech to the United Nations Climate Summit in New York City.

Obama ordered all federal agencies to begin factoring “climate resilience” into all of their international development programs and investments.

The action is expected to complement efforts by the federal government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to the White House.

Obama is also expected to release climate monitoring data used by the federal government to developing nations.
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And what's our boneheaded Speaker doing during all of this? Partying in the Hamptons, and telling Joy Behar that he and Obama are 'best friends!'
Breitbart: House Speaker John Boehner put comedienne Joy Behar in a headlock this weekend while in the Hamptons campaigning for Republican Lee Zeldin, telling the liberal former co-host of The View, “I am Obama’s best friend."

Behar ran into Boehner in a restaurant--Almond Restaurant in East Hampton--and told the Speaker to “stop obstructing President Obama” as she “tackled” him, according to the New York Post. ...

Behar was there eating dinner with her husband Steve Janowitz, actor Ron Rifkin, and Rifkin’s wife Iva, and the Post’s Smith wrote that “she baited Boehner as he got up from his table to leave the restaurant.”

“I couldn’t resist having some fun. I jumped up and told him to stop obstructing President Obama,” Behar said. “I am sick of all this deadlock. Strangely, he replied, ‘I am Obama’s best friend.’
What a lib...and Behar too!

With such rudderless leadership on either side of the aisle, is there any wonder why America is receding both within and without?

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