Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bombing ISIS in Syria is kinda different than buying into climate change, Sec. Kerry

So, the US is strategically bombing Syria (or likely empty buildings in that country) to degrade ISIS...
Vox: Shortly before dawn local time on Tuesday, the US began launching air strikes in Syria against the jihadist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), as part of President Obama's effort to "degrade and defeat" the group that has seized vast parts of both countries and beheaded two American journalists.

This is a major escalation for the US, which has avoided direct engagement in Syria's civil war since it began in 2011. But it is also shrouded in a degree of mystery, with the details of the strikes, its targets, and its implications for the Middle East not totally clear.
Here's why that alone may not work...

Well, that and we not only refuse to bomb them to HELL, but we gave them PLENTY o' time for their leadership to hide and wait it out.

But no worries, Sec. Kerry's on the job...well, maybe not so much...
AmericanThinker: It’s not enough that John Kerry's diplomatic plate is overcrowded with unpalatable menaces like ISIS/ISIL and an epidemic of Ebola that could mushroom to pandemic proportions. As busy as Kerry is, flying around the globe and assembling a coalition of supporters to push back against a terrorist group more vicious and well-funded than any in recent history, he still manages to get his licks in about global warming.

In a recent speech before an assemblage of foreign ministers, he urged that the threat of climate change must be addressed with the same ”immediacy” as terrorism and Ebola. The same immediacy? I hadn’t noticed that this administration has been rushing to take any “immediate” measures with those concerns, either.

John Kerry has even coined a new phrase: “climate refugees,” ostensibly meaning that populations are being driven from their homes because there is no water, food, etc.
Kerry's sounding about as reasonable (and by reasonable, I mean nuts!) as Robert F. Kennedy Jr....

(H/t: PJMedia)

What's with the Hepburn-like waver of these loons? Guess it's all a New England thang...I certainly don't understand.

Oh, I think they also missed last month's Al Gore defrocking...as did most of the movement (including the media)...

(H/t: UKDailyMail)

I'm pretty certain one of these things is not like the other.

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