Friday, September 5, 2014

Obama's Democratic DoJ: injustice for some, no justice for any

Washington and ethics hardly belong in the same sentence anymore. So while the Justice Dept. again sets it's sights on the Right (however harmless or stupid), one might expect the mirror to SHRIEK back towards the Left's vicinity...but alas, virtual silence. Nonpartisan, my ass...
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: Mark begins by talking with Andy McCarthy about Ex-Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell who was convicted on counts of corruption. They discuss the case behind it, how it was politically targeted, and how the main person they were accused of helping, didn't even benefit from it. Mark says that it is disturbing when the Department of Justice goes after certain politicians and not others, especially when other politicians are doing worse. Also, Attorney General Eric Holder is at it again - this time trying to make something out of Ferguson, Missouri and incite race confrontations when there aren't any going on. Mark says that the Department of Justice is now attacking other cities trying to continue to divide the populace with racial tensions. Eric Holder has stacked the civil rights division with activists as the liberal radical left has taken over all civil rights issues and not for the betterment of the country. Finally, Mark talks about how courts are being pushed with leftist judges making it that much harder to try to re-instill the Constitution back into America and society.
What about Harry Reidfamily & friends? What about Nancy Pelosi & her husband? Or Diane Feinstein & her husband (and more than one item of corruption)? Oh yeah, they're Democrats...untouchable.

What about voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers? What about Fast & Furious? Or Benghazi? What about the IRS scandal (or rather, cover-up) targeting of conservatives? Again, Democratic endeavors...untouchable.

Peculiar how Obama's guy, the extremely partisan Attorney General Eric Holder, holds the keys to all, huh?

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