Thursday, September 18, 2014

RUSH: 'I don’t know what the GOP stands for anymore' (LEVIN ADDENDUM)

"Can somebody tell me what there is to cheer about? Can somebody tell me what it is that makes you want to go to your checkbook and write a check? Can somebody tell me? I mean, I can give you some names of people that inspire that, but the party doesn't have that identity. The people who are inspiring that actually are ENEMIES of the Republican Party and the consultant class. Ted Cruz at the top of the list that they're out there trying to impugn and destroy from the get-go, along with the Democrats."
Picking up from our last GOP Senate race discussion, Rush provides the most recent thoughts on the meandering of the Republican Party on whole and the fact that it's difficult to see what they stand for anymore...

"Can somebody tell me what the Republican Party message is? I’m getting panicked e-mails about the polling in state after state where it was thought there was gonna be a wave election.

Republicans were gonna win in a big wave, and yet Republicans running against really at risk incumbent Democrats find themselves trailing by a point or two. Somebody said, “Well, one of the reasons for that, Rush, is that the Democrats have much more money. The Republicans aren’t spending any money.” That’s when I said, “Even if they were spending money, what’s the message?

“Can somebody tell me what the Republican Party stands for when it comes to amnesty? Does the Republican Party talk about job creation? Is the Republican Party talking about economic growth? Are they talking about anything opposite what’s happening here?” I don’t know what they stand for anymore, other than they’re not Obama, they’re not the Democrats. I really don’t know."
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ADDENDUM: Levin seemed to pick up Thursday evening where Rush left off...
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: Mark talks about how the Establishment has been trying to control the Republican Party and especially conservatives as if we owe something to them. They are the ones that have put us in this situation, putting up candidates that can't win, and shunning any conservative gains we have made.
Listen to his AMAZING monologue starting off tonight's program here.
"It is amazing to me what goes on with the Establishment, the Ruling Class, it really is. Like somehow they control us; like somehow we can turn thing on and turn things off; like somehow they're mature, and they're rational, and they're leaders. They're nothing of the sort. They're disasters! And so are their mouthpieces who pretend to be journalists or commentators or what have you. We have a growing socialist tyranny going on in this country... and we have every right to demand that the opposition party, the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln and Reagan, that it get its act together, that it stand on principle, and that it stand up against what's going on in this country... They seem to think we're all Republican operatives. We're not Republican operatives. We choose be members of the Republican Party, not members of a country club, not members of a fraternity or sorority, of a political party that has certain principles that we believe in. It is not good enough to settle for a political party that is a wash in big corporate funding and sellouts and cronyism. It's not enough to be a member of a political operation that is simply not the other team, and you do not grow a party that way... You don't win elections that don't build a healthy, vigorous movement. You don't save a republic this way."
'It's not Obama' is not enough. Even if the Republicans were to pull off a landslide victory in the Senate, it's a landslide for what? Certainly not setting America back on the right course.

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