Thursday, September 11, 2014

GALLUP: Americans trust GOP over Dems to keep America safe by 23-point margin

For ridiculously obvious reasons. Dems don't! (H/t: WZ)
TheHill: The public thinks Republicans will do a better job keeping the U.S. safe by a wider margin than at any time since 2002, according to a Gallup poll.

The poll finds that 55 percent of adults think Republicans will do a better job protecting the country from terrorism and military threats, while 32 percent think Democrats will.

The poll comes as fears of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have dominated the news, despite statements from U.S. officials that the group is not currently known to be plotting attacks on the U.S. It was conducted Sept. 4-7, before President Obama's speech on Wednesday night laying out a strategy to defeat ISIS.
But let's be honest, too many Repubs are still dead wrong on the border, as well as questionable motives in who and where to arm (McCain & Rubio come to mind on both).

This seesawing of the American electorate must find equilibrium and come to realize that both governing parties and all branches of governance are critically broken at this juncture. Then once we come to terms with that, perhaps we might one day be able to reassemble our civil society and reconstitute the rule of law, keeping Americans safe within the maxim of our inalienable liberty, fought for by our Founders, bestowed on us by our Framers.

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