Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sorry, Politico, but Lois Lerner is no 'victim'

Lois Lerner speaks? Not exactly...
TheFederalist: Lois Lerner. Hero. Servant. Brownie-baking puppy lover. Sister of the Blessed State.

This is about all a person reading Politico’s new exclusive “interview” with the former head of the I.R.S. division that oversees tax-exempt groups, might take away. “I didn’t do anything wrong” claims Lerner, who, like any innocent person, is flanked by a major law firm’s partner, two personal attorneys and her husband – a lawyer. “I’m proud of my career and the job I did for this country.” And in around 3,700 obsequious words, Politico seems to agree.

What exactly did she do for her country, you ask? Well, sitting in her $2.5 million house in Bethesda, Maryland, this question, like most others, goes unanswered. But even before Lerner fails to respond to queries about corruption or cover-ups, the most obvious problem with the piece is the lack of perspective.
The piece goes on to explain the obvious things to remember about Lerner: She's already guilty of regulating free speech and has already admitted & apologized for the IRS's practice of targeting conservatives groups; of course a woman who calls conservatives “crazies” and “assholes” in government emails is anything but apolitical; and she's obviously hiding something while hiding behind the Fifth to avoid congressional questioning, and while under suspicion of destroying evidence, she spins with Politico?
The only conceivable reason, after all, that Lerner won’t talk to Congress or the media is because she is faced with the unenviable choice of lying or fessing up to something. Not that you’d know any of that reading Politico’s puff piece.

What I did learn, though, was that Lerner gets revolting emails from some random people. So please reserve your empathy for her, dog-lover and public servant, rather than groups that were denied the right to participate in the political process because of her actions.
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