Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Paradigm shift: The quiet party of no articulation prepares for a midterm win

Only a few months away until the midterm elections, and Obama's Democratic administration is undoubtedly floundering as it further deteriorates our nation. Yet, at an opportune time when striking contrasts and conservative alternatives should be resoundingly articulated, what is the Republican leadership doing to further that cause? Hugging the wall, keeping quiet...
TheHill: Congressional Republicans have a simple mantra as they take a brief break from the campaign trail and return to Washington: Do no harm.

Republicans believe they are on the cusp of capturing full control of Congress for the first time since 2006. They don’t want to squander the opportunity.

GOP insiders hope the next two weeks in Washington will be remembered for being, well, fairly unmemorable. The House leadership’s game plan is to play prevent defense: Keep the government open, temporarily renew some federal programs, pass bills that can buttress their message for the midterms, and sprint back to the campaign trail.
In other words, they're chicken-sh*t to act at all with any conservative conviction or principle in mind, so they'll do nothing. Well, except make a play for the center...
TheHill: With primary season over, the GOP is beginning to inch back to the center.

Republican Senate and House candidates have begun to loudly embrace more moderate policies such as an increase in the minimum wage and over-the-counter birth control in an effort to win over swing voters and soften their image.

GOP strategists say the battle between now and Election Day to decide control of the Senate and the size of Republicans’ House majority will focus on that sliver of voters in the middle.
'Cause that's worked so well since losing Congress in 2006, right? Wrong.

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Why Republicans are heading towards another loss

Center-schmenter. They should stick with conservative principles while promoting liberty and private property. What the GOP establishment aims for is to essentially push the resume button on Big Government, albeit slower than the Democratic pace, because for some reason it'll be better when they're in power or something. Already, the House GOP is setting the stage for massive crony capitalist pay backs during the lame duck session...
RedState: House Republicans are preparing a continuing resolution to keep the government open. In doing so, they’ve decided to be total sluts for K Street and Wall Street. The Crony Capitalists, emboldened by the Chamber of Commerce’s help during primary season, are doing some very unusual things.

First, they will reauthorize the Ex-Im bank, which is something K Street is desperate to see happen.

Second, current reports are that they will spend more than the original Paul Ryan — Patti Murray deal that had included a tax hike. However, that is subject to change.

Third, and probably most significantly, they will make sure the continuing resolution expires after the election, but before January. That will free them up to go back for a lame duck session where outgoing members can use their votes to pass amnesty, tax increases, and further extend the Ex-Im bank.

Essentially, just as the Democrats used retiring members of Congress to pass Obamacare since they no longer had to worry about being accountable to voters, Republicans are going to use their members on the other side of an election and no longer accountable to voters to increase federal spending, collaborate on amnesty, and prepare a grab bag of pork fill requests for K Street.
No longer accountable to voters. And there it is...yet another party.
The Republican Party exists for the people that run it, and not for the people anymore. They throw away conservatism and principles of liberty for their own benefits. They believe that gradual tyranny would be better than sudden tyranny; which is not how the country or Constitution is supposed to work. ~ On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show
I point these things out not to persuade towards more Democratic elections. Quite the contrary. We're living that damage daily. Rather, these observations bear witness to a paradigm shift over both parties, however unfortunate, sliding leftward, and therein lies a critical problem, for us as a people and a nation.

So ask yourself, when Republicans pick up seats in November, as they're poised to, what have we won, what do we expect of them, and can they deliver? Keep in mind, the majority of GOP incumbents kept their seats, ALL in the Senate. Even winning all of Congress back, that's no fresh start, folks. It's a basic sign to conservatives, constitutionalists and any liberty-loving individual of the classical liberal persuasion not to hold their breath when it comes to expectations.

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