Friday, September 12, 2014

Levin OBLITERATES Obama's pathetic speech on ISIS

TheRightScoop not only captured Levin's excellent Friday evening monologue, obliterating Obama's pathetic speech on ISIS, but also encapsulated the sentiment of at least this conservative's feelings about it...likely many more, if not most...
I’m tired of hearing Republican after Republican say Obama’s speech was good. Here’s the best analysis I’ve heard so far on Obama’s speech and it’s from the Great One. And he explains why it’s both incoherent and pathetic.
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And the conflicting statements coming out of the Obama Administration are equally incoherent. John Kerry says we're not at war with ISIS, rather "it's a major counter-terrorism operation that will have many different moving parts." Meanwhile, WH spokesman Josh Earnest says we ARE at war with ISIS. Levin says if the Administration can't even define what's going on, how are they supposed to fight it?

Furthermore, if it were not for the Republican Establishment nominating such weak candidates, we might not even be dealing with such a pathetic president. Mark says McRINO and Mittens were so weak, it's almost as if the Democrats chose the candidates, knowing Obama could beat'em. Add that to the tally of Republican surrenders -- giving away the power of the purse, the impeachment process, and now their war-making powers -- all for their Democratic president. Feckless.

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To be at WAR with ISIS, or to NOT be at war with ISIS – That is the question with many answers!

ADDENDUM: Pelosi adds more mixed-up implausible deniability to Obama and Kerry's pyre...initiated hostilities?” These people...

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