Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Obama's Democratic failure: a fundamentally misguided view of the world

Looks like the media might finally be allowing the curtain to slightly drift back to reveal the phony wizard. Wonder what took'em so long? That's rhetorical...
NYT: As he seeks to rally Americans behind a new military campaign in the Middle East, Mr. Obama finds his own past statements coming back to haunt him. Time and again, he has expressed assessments of the world that in the harsh glare of hindsight look out of kilter with the changed reality he now confronts.

To Mr. Obama’s critics, the disparity between the president’s previous statements and today’s reality reflects not simply poorly chosen words but a fundamentally misguided view of the world. Rather than clearly see the persistent dangers as the United States approaches the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, they said, Mr. Obama perpetually imagines a world as he wishes it were.

"The guy says he's not into theater and is never comfortable with it? His whole administration is theater. The entire Democrat Party is theater. It must be. It isn't reality. They couldn't get anywhere with reality. They're all putting out illusions. But the true believers believed it. They thought we were finally on the way to utopia and wiping out -- this is the key thing -- the Republican Party forever. Now they're looking at polling data which shows the Republicans in a potential wave victory in November, and their Messiah is not even up to being called average. It is a massive shock to their systems."
Now, I'm not convinced, nor do I believe Rush actually is either, that Republicans have this supposed 'wave victory' in the bag. They're on egg shells trying not to rock the boat, or do much of anything, before the midterms. Rather, it's another effort by the MSM to motivate Democratic maneuvering for hope's sake. However, it's nonetheless startling to finally hear after six years an outfit like the New York Times cast aspersions towards their very own elected messiah.

Reveling in his LEGENDARY 2009 'I hope he fails' prediction, Rush further references yet another disappointed liberal media's report to elaborate on the failure...
WaPo: A majority of Americans and even many Democrats consider President Obama's tenure to be a "failure," according to a new poll from the Washington Post and ABC News.

The poll shows Americans say 52-42 that Obama has been more of a failure than a success. Among registered voters, the gap is even bigger -- at 55-39 -- with four in 10 (41 percent) saying they "strongly" believe Obama has been a failure.

"Now, I must admit, the public definition of failure is not exactly what mine was. What they are claiming is that the country's just in a funk. The country is lagging. The country's in malaise. The country's not moving forward.

There isn't any progress taking place. There's nothing good happening. There's nothing to be excited about. The Obama administration's been a failure in terms of what he promised. The truth of the matter is it has not been a failure. He has not failed. The Obama agenda continues to march on, and that's why people are disappointed.

The Obama agenda is succeeding, and whether people know it or not, that's why they're depressed. They don't want this... They didn't vote for this! This is not why they voted for the guy. They were voting for wholly different reasons. Chief among them, I'm convinced, many people thought voting for Obama would end racism, would end the allegations of racism.

It would demonstrate that we're long past slavery, would go a long way to absolving ourselves of our original sin. And because the Obama presidency has succeeded in his terms, that's why people are in a funk. They don't want this. They don't want a president that doesn't seem to care enough about his own country's standing in the world to maintain it.

They don't want a president who is happy or content with the job market the way it is. They do not want a president who lied to them 30 times about how they can keep their doctor and their health plan when they couldn't! They didn't vote for the federal government taking over the health care system.

They didn't vote for a failed HealthCare.gov website that doesn't work and may be compromising their privacy. They didn't vote for skyrocketing insurance premiums and reduced coverage. They didn't vote for 400,000 people migrating across the border since January alone, many of them teenage (and under) kids. They didn't vote for any of this. That's why they're in a funk.

They didn't vote for a president who's happy to preside over the new normal of unemployment at 11%. They didn't vote for that. That's why they're in a funk. So they say the Obama administration has been a failure. He hasn't moved the country forward. He hasn't reestablished upward mobility. He hasn't done away with federal spending and the debt. He hasn't reduced spending.

Well, he was never gonna do any of that. But people only know what they're told, and they were lied to. They were lied to by the Obama campaign; they were lied to by the media. It wasn't simply that Obama misled them. There were out-and-out lies. It's not just that Obama presented illusions and tried to hide the truth of the left-wing agenda."
An agenda driven by the lies of this president and the Democratic Party, and supported by the media...liberals and socialists "who have been educated to believe the United States is the problem in the world, not the solution."

While Limbaugh ponders in hindsight, "Why couldn't more people have seen that exactly this was going to happen?" I might ask forthright, why would an opposition party want to emulate such failure?

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