Tuesday, September 16, 2014

President 'No-troops-to-Iraq' sends troops to West Africa...and Iraq

If Obama won't send troops to root out ISIL and finish off an actual, physical enemy (which I'm not advocating; rather, we should bomb them to HELL!), then why is he sending troops, not medical professionals, but troops, into Africa to 'fight' Ebola? Talk about a vacuum...
AP: President Barack Obama declared Tuesday that the Ebola epidemic in West Africa could threaten security around the world, and he ordered 3,000 U.S. military personnel to the region in emergency aid muscle for a crisis spiraling out of control.

The question was whether the aid would be enough and was coming in time. An ominous World Health Organization forecast said that with so many people now spreading the virus, the number of Ebola cases could start doubling every three weeks.

"If the outbreak is not stopped now, we could be looking at hundreds of thousands of people affected, with profound economic, political and security implications for all of us," Obama said Tuesday after briefings in Atlanta at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Emory University.
If so many people are now spreading the virus, doesn't that put our soldiers at risk? Or is that the point, Mr. President?
NYDailyNews: Calling Ebola a “global threat,” President Obama on Tuesday ordered 3,000 military personnel into the epicenter of the outbreak in West Africa but said the chances of it spreading to the U.S. were “extremely low.”

He announced that the U.S. will help the governments and health care systems in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea by training thousands of health care workers and building treatment centers.
Mr. Humanitarian knows all.

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Oh, and no troops to Iraq? Well, not quite...
CFP: Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has announced that 1,600 troops “military advisers” are being deployed to Iraq, where they will “increase support” for those fighting ISIS. They’re not there to fight, mind you. “Instead,” Hagel said. “These advisers are supporting Iraqi and Kurdish forces in supporting the government’s plan to stand up Iraqi national guard units” and they will “support intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions.”

Hagel stressed “American forces will not have a combat mission,” but was also sure to highlight the fact that we’re “we are at war with ISIS, as we are with al-Qaeda.”

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