Monday, September 8, 2014

Obama 'delays' unlawful executive amnesty until after elections

Today, Obama finally gave someone else besides conservatives an opportunity to experience a smidgen of the frustration we've felt from this regime's actions on a daily basis...
SooperMexican: This is a wondrous day for us who dislike illegal alien advocates, and Obama loyalists, as they’re attacking each other and Obama over his immigration reform “betrayal” today after promising reform.

Barry is JUST as concerned about this issue as he is about pretty much every other issue, and he showed it by golfing right afterward.

TRS:It must be tough for people who depended on this spineless president to follow through on his promise to reform immigration to see him break that promise. It’s almost as if everything conservatives have been saying about him has been true all along!
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ADDENDUM: For weeks, we've heard about the Democratic push for an unlawful executive amnesty. Here's a multitude of mentions from Levin alone since the end of August... 
On Friday's Mark Levin Show (8/29/14): Mark talks about Mexico's policy regarding illegal immigrants in their country, and asks how can they not allow anyone in and deport people, but when we do it, we are seen as inhumane? Why are we telling our border patrol and officers to stand down when there is a threat and an ever growing potential terrorist threat via the southern border? Also, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka talks about advocating for illegal immigrants to come in here and says that we need them for our work force. Here is the union boss basically throwing hard working American people to the side and wanting to replace them with low wage illegal immigrants. Mark says it's time that blue collar union working members realize that the Democrats are actively working against them.
On Friday's Mark Levin Show (9/5/14): ... President Obama is already looking over proposals about how he will issue Executive Amnesty to the illegal immigrants already in the country. Meanwhile, we have tens of thousands of people here that have overstayed their student VISAs, including some from terrorist haven countries. Yet we are supposed to just accept more people in and issue more VISAs like there's no problem with it. We have open borders and we don't know who's coming in, from where, or with what intentions.
Despite today's delay from Obama however, it's just that. Don't count on the amnesty advocates (or Obama for that matter) giving more so than you could count on them abandoning The One. Remember, in the end, it's Party first, second and third. Whatever the collective decides at the expense of the country. Hence, we must continue to raise awareness and demand the restoration of law and order in America.

ADDENDUM II: Rush was right...Obama was never serious about amnesty unless the GOP would get blamed.

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