Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New emails prove Dem. Sen. Carl Levin pressured IRS to target conservative groups

"This is a massive cover-up! This is a massive abuse of power!" ~ M.L.
From Benghazi to the IRS scandal, Judicial Watch reveals the truth yet again!
TRS: Judicial Watch has obtained more emails as it relates to the targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status by the IRS. These emails reveal that the EOT (Exempt Organization Technical unit) in Washington DC directed the targeting of Tea Party groups and was coordinating between their Cincinnati office and their LA office.

The emails also reveal that Democrat Senator Carl Levin was also putting immense pressure on the IRS to target and shut down conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.
And here's a perfect spot to segue into Mark Levin's comments...
"So they don't get their tax status prior to the election in November 2012. And you cannot tell me with a straight face that Carl Levin did not talk or communicate with the Obama campaign, the DNC, the Obama White House, that he was an independent actor. I won't believe it for a second! This guy should be dragged before a Grand Jury!"

Furthermore, Mark references a DailyCaller report that not only confirms Judicial Watch findings of the targeting being based in Washington, D.C., but more explicitly illustrates how Sen. Levin and the IRS were working together against these groups!

Speaker Boehner, still sure you want to take arresting Lois Lerner off the table? I thought you wanted to know 'who is going to jail?' Talk, talk,'s time for ACTION!

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