Friday, May 2, 2014

BUSTED! In trying to defend Obama, former NSA spokesman admits Obama never made it to Situation Room during Benghazi attack!

Well, if this isn't a bombshell! Bret Baier was able to get a bit of new intel on Obama's location when Benghazi went down: he was at his residence, NOT IN THE SITUATION ROOM!
IJReview: In a contentious interview with Bret Baier on Fox News, former NSA spokesperson Tommy Vietor admitted that Barack Obama never even entered the situation room even as the attack continued at the Benghazi consulate.

Ironically, he was trying to defend the president when he made this comments, by criticizing Fox News for airing reports that Obama watched the attack unfold from the Situation Room. Is it any better that he never bothered to check in and see what was going on?

Of course, we also know he attended a fundraiser in Las Vegas the next morning.

Hmm, a celeb-prez who always drives his personal agenda but never wants to attend to America's? And they wonder why there's evermore calls for Obama to be impeached...
ConservativeTribune: Obama has neglected his most basic duties as Commander-in-Chief so many times that it’s actually quite frightening.

He skipped a key national security meeting right in the middle of the Ukraine crisis, then had the gall to do it AGAIN.

On Benghazi, he was suspiciously missing from the picture when we were given more details about the timeline of the attack and the response from Washington.

Now, the former NSA spokesperson admitted that Obama never even entered the situation room during the attack. Simply amazing.

When did America become so complacent that we allowed this degree of dereliction of duty from our president go unpunished? It’s past time for Obama to answer for his actions during the Benghazi attack and finally be investigated by a special congressional committee and then impeached.

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