Monday, May 5, 2014

New Matt Bevin ad uses old McConnell footage to expose what McConnell's become

Smart move! With Kentucky's GOP primary right around the corner (May 20th), what better way to show the voters what kind of consummate insider Mitch McConnell has become over the years than to use the head Senate RINOs' own words of campaign's past to reflect on his current misbehavior and his serial undermining of conservative principles. Simply brilliant.

Will it move Kentuckians towards the better direction? God willing, let's hope so. We'll find out soon enough...

Folks, it's time for new leadership in Washington...especially within the Republican Party!

If there are still Kentuckians out there who don't know Matt Bevin, make a point to meet the guy now...not what McConnell, Rove, the Chamber of Commerce and other establishment operatives want you to believe...
14 in 2014 (MadisonProject)
Senate Conservatives Fund

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