Thursday, May 8, 2014

Levin STRIKES BACK against attacks on the Tea Party by the GOP Establishment

Here's a broader explanation as to why I said in the previous post not to expect fellow Republicans from McConnell and McCain to Graham or Cochran to do anything about the lawlessness of the Obama regime...and it's the same reason they're fighting so hard against genuine conservatives throughout this primary season (via Levin)...
"These “Republican leaders” only want to be in the majority if they can control the people we send to Congress. Mitch McConnell does not want anymore Ted Cruzes or Mike Lees or anybody else who’s going to give him trouble. He wants Republicans who are going to lie down and do what he tells them to do.

John Boehner and Eric Cantor? Exactly the same thing. These people are not about empowering the American people, they’re about empowering themselves. They see a majority in the House and a majority in the Senate, not as an opportunity to serve the people but to server themselves.

This is why they attack! The conservatives who challenge them in primaries – even open primaries, this is why Rove pours the money in. He’s no great architect! He’s a svengali."

(H/t: tRS)
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: Mark goes after those who condemn the Tea Party and conservatism calling it dead. Should we surrender our liberty just because the Republican talking heads tell us that we can't win? Mark goes thru the history of the Tea Party, as well as Ronald Reagan's continuous fight to get the Republican Presidential nomination that led to the largest victory margin ever for a President and more. We have listened to the Republican Establishment in the past - they were the ones that hated Reagan, they were also the ones that made us lose the House in 2006 and lose with John McCain and Mitt Romney. There's a reason conservatives are being attacked right now - because they dare to challenge the elitists in office.
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