Thursday, May 29, 2014

Not another incumbent RINO, Mississippi! It's time to elect Chris McDaniel

Less than a week to go, Mississippi...not another incumbent RINO! It's time to elect a genuine constitutional conservative, folks. And I couldn't think of a better state to do it than my birth-state, or a better man to elect this primary season than Chris McDaniel.

Chris joined Glenn Beck on the Blaze radio last week...

Chris also joined the Great One last Thursday evening...
TRS: Mark Levin had conservative Chris McDaniel on who is running to oust incumbent Thad Cochran from the US Senate. A few highlights are that McDaniel said fundraising has been going great, but they are trying to close the deal now and is raising more donations. He says he is leading in a couple of recent public polls and pointed out that Cochran refuses to debate him despite a close race. [listen to FULL INTERVIEW].
Sen. McDaniel had the opportunity to speak at the Religious Liberty Conference this year, discussing religious liberty legislation that he authored while serving in the state Senate.

Meanwhile, Thad continues to dodge...
TRS: CNN’s Dana Bash did a story on the Senate race between Chris McDaniel and incumbent Thad Cochran, telling how the local blogger took pictures of Cochrans wife in a hospital in order to raise questions about Cochran’s alleged current relationship with his aide.

She interviewed McDaniel for the piece but when she tried to interview Cochran, she says his team went to great lengths to run from her, even switching vehicles. Apparently that didn’t play well in Mississippi so today Cochran held an actual press conference and took photos of himself with reporters and tweeted them out, to show he’s not running from the press or something.

The choice is clear, folks. Now Is The Time!

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