Friday, May 23, 2014

Levin BLASTS Dems over Redskins name change

Levin blasted Cantwell and 49 of her Democratic colleagues who signed a letter on Thursday demanding the Washington Redskins change their know, 'cause they've got nothing better to do in the nation's Capitol than to race-bait before the next election cycle...
"They haven't done a damn thing for minority unemployment in this country. In fact, they want to make it worse with their asinine push for an increase in the minimum wage. In fact, they haven't done a damn thing for anybody in this country! But this they think is important. ...

This is the same party that promoted Robert Byrd! This is the same party whose current leader made racist statements about Barack Obama! The NBA acted quickly. Did the Democrat Party act quickly and expel Harry Reid? Of course not! That's different, even though he's the Donald Sterling of the Senate?! Of course not, that's different!"
Oh, there's more, so listen to the rest! GREAT overview of the historical and deliberate racism of the Democratic Party, from Jim Crow and Woodrow Wilson to Robert 'KKK' Byrd and Harry Reid...

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