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Mississippi: Now is the time for Chris McDaniel!

Matt Bevin is not the only conservative being targeted by the RINO establishment and their crony operatives and financiers for having the gall to challenge an entrenched incumbent (albeit, the Senate Minority Leader). While the Kentucky primary is rapidly approaching in just a few weeks, the Mississippi Republican primary on June 3rd has the potential to send an equal amount of shock waves throughout the D.C. establishment in the U.S. Senatorial race between 36-year incumbent Thad Cochran and MS Sen. Chris McDaniel.

Just google 'Chris McDaniel' and you'll undoubtedly discover attacks and slander, one after another, many fed from the GOP establishment to lib media outlets. But rather than dwell on their feeble attempts to opposition-research the guy to death with little-of-nothing assumptions and weak accusations, I thought it beneficial for my native brethren of Mississippi to get to know the statesman they should be replacing Thad 'not-so-gentlemanly' Cochran with...and what better way to start than with some EXCELLENT interviews, particularly since Cochran refuses to debate McDaniel (more on that later)...

Also, if we back up a bit, the Acton Institute asked Chris McDaniel 5 questions on Liberty last year...and the Mississippi Senator impresses with some exceptional responses. This is absolutely worth checking out!
5 Questions on Liberty with Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel
Along with endorsements from Levin, Ingraham, Palin and other conservative individuals, Club for Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund and Madison Project have thrown their weight behind McDaniel's election, with the first two organizations launching ads on MS television and radio. While the Club points to Cochran's 'five decades' of wrong choices, SCF focuses on 'our fight' for the Constitution and against Big Government tyranny alongside McDaniel...

Sticking to contrasts, The Washington Times wrote an interesting piece in March about what they called "a classic struggle between the established Republican order and grassroots Tea Party Republicans," that sets up a pretty interesting dichotomy...
Mr. Cochran is a senator most people have never heard of, but his colleagues in the U.S. Senate know him very well. He’s the No. 1 pig farmer in Congress, dispensing pork from the Republican side of the aisle with firmness and gusto. With Ted Stevens of Alaska having departed this vale of tears, he has no rival in manipulating the national treasury. He’s an advocate only for more spending to get the tax revenues a congressional pig farmer needs to spread the pork to his friends and interests. Ten federal buildings in Mississippi are named for him, and none of them are monuments to smaller, less-intrusive government.

The senator’s nemesis is Christopher McDaniel, 43, a lawyer, radio talker and Tea Party favorite. He has pulled dead even in some polls with the June 1 Republican primary only two months away. He is best known as a talker on several Mississippi radio stations, but has the requisite legal background to command professional respect. He clerked for a federal district judge fresh out of the University of Mississippi Law School, and the Mississippi Business Journal ranks him among the state’s top 50 lawyers. He has pushed the right buttons, a member of, among others, the Gideons (distributor of Bibles), the National Rifle Association, the American Family Association, giving him the trifecta of God, guns and family values.
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Such stark contrasts should present an unquestionable choice for my fellow Mississippians. After all, it's within those precise contrasts that Cochran fears debating McDaniel (see, told you I'd return to this!)...
"Voters are entitled to a debate between the major candidates for the United States Senate, and it’s sad that Mississippi’s senior Senator has chosen instead to hide behind his handlers and avoid the tough questions. Mississippi deserves better.” ~ Chris Chocola, Club for Growth President

(Radio ad here)
Breitbart: Six-term incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) told the Associated Press that he won’t debate his primary challenger, state senator Chris McDaniel, because McDaniel is “trying to make me look bad by things he's saying about my performance in the Senate.”

"I don't know what there is to debate," Cochran told the Associated Press in late April in Batesville, MS – a comment first reported by the AP on May 2. "He obviously is going to criticize my record of service. We disagree on some of the issues. And there are probably some things that we can agree on. But he's obviously, you know, trying to make me look bad by things he's saying about my performance in the Senate.”
No, Senator, you're doing that all on your own! So, what's there to debate? Hmm, Cochran's record of debt limit increases, bailouts, tax hikes and pay raises for starters. Secondly, the fact that Cochran’s refusal to debate a Republican primary challenger should make Mississippi voters question whether he can even stand up to Democrats in Washington.
"It is beyond comprehension that a man who claims to serve the people does not think he owes them a debate as he asks for what would be his 7th term in the U.S. Senate,” McDaniel said. “If Thad Cochran won't stand up to try to defend his liberal voting record in a debate with a two-term Mississippi state senator, what makes us think he'll stand up to Harry Reid and Barack Obama?”
He hasn't...and he won't. But you've hopefully figured that out by now.

If you have any other questions about McDaniel or Cochran, I'd highly refer readers to peruse an excellent source called Mississippi Conservative Daily! (Huge hat tip to them!) And it's only fitting that I end my pitch for this conservative candidate with a quote by this Pro-Constitution, Pro-Liberty, Pro-Life, Pro-McDaniel publication, on behalf of my many friends and family members who've called Mississippi 'home' for generations:
We need a Senator we can be proud of, one who will stand for our conservative values and will not buckle under the pressure of the special interest machine in Washington. We need Chris McDaniel, a proven conservative who will fight for what he believes and won’t embarrass us by turning his back on the people to feather his own nest and those of his Washington friends.
NOW IS THE TIME, Mississippi! If there's one vote you cast on June 3rd, make certain it's Chris McDaniel For U.S. Senate!

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