Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Levin joins Hannity to discuss Obama's West Point speech, foreign policy, scandals, and DC GOP

An all-encompassing interview between Hannity and the Great One...
TRS: Mark Levin gave a great interview on Hannity tonight discussing both Obama from his speech today, his scandals, and the problem with Republicans in Washington and why we need to take over the Republican Party.

"We're watching a man who's degraded the United States military from the recruits all the way to the vets. ...

Putin's watching this, the Red Chinese Communists are watching this, our enemies all over the world, our allies too of course, and what are they taking away from this? They're taking away that this is not a leader, he's not a Commander-in-Chief, he's unilaterally disarming the United States. He goes to West Point and he tells the warriors, these men who are trained to be warriors, these women who are trained to be warriors, 'Don't worry, I'm not sending you overseas.' I'm not into reckless interventionism, these democracy projects and so forth, but I am into the strongest national security defense any nation can have, and the next President of the United States is gonna have a hell of a job, not just rebuilding the economy, but rebuilding the United States military."
In the second segment, Levin minced no words in describing the Beltway Republican establishment...
"What we have now with the Republican leadership is essentially neo-statists who are supported by crony capitalists."

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ADDENDUM: On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show...
President Obama spoke at the West Point military academy earlier Wednesday and instead of taking the opportunity to make a positive influence on our up and coming military volunteers, he politicized it - at times even bringing up global warming. Mark says that Obama has let this country down, and that he is putting us at risk by not building up our military. Obama mentioned the Law of the Sea Convention, which would bind us to an international body in the United Nations, basically putting our sovereignty at risk. Meanwhile, China and other countries are free to roam the South China Sea and do as they please, now knowing that Obama has said we won't interfere. There is no doubt anymore that Obama hates America and thinks it was built on a foundation of evil that needs to change.
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