Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ted Cruz's fourth report on Obama admin's lawlessness: 76 abuses of power and counting... (LEVIN ADDENDUM)

There ya go, Republican Party. Ted Cruz just did your homework for you...and for the fourth time, no less! But he's the problem? I don't think so...
TedCruzPressOffice: U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today released his fourth report on the Obama Administration’s executive overreaches. In this report, Sen. Cruz documents 76 instances of lawlessness and other abuses of power.

“The pattern of lawlessness by this Administration should concern every citizen, regardless of party or ideology,” said Sen. Cruz. “Rule of law means that we are a nation ruled by laws, not men. No one—and especially not the president—is above the law. For that reason, the U.S. Constitution imposes on every president the express duty to ‘take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.’ Rather than honor this duty, President Obama has openly defied it by repeatedly suspending, delaying, and waiving portions of the laws that he is charged to enforce.”

Now, don't expect fellow Senators, from McConnell and McCain to Graham or Cochran, to want to do anything about it. In short, feckless. However, Levin gives us a broader explanation in the next post...

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ADDENDUM: Furthermore, just a few days prior, Levin explained how Obama has organized the Executive Branch like a dictator or a Marxist would...

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