Thursday, May 29, 2014

RUSH: The Obama Doctrine: ‘America is NOT anything Exceptional’ (LEVIN ADDENDUM)

While all the mediaites spin in the wind trying to figure out what the Obama Doctrine is, Rush hits the nail on the head...
"The Obama Doctrine basically is that America has been a false superpower, an illegitimate one, not a real one. We acquired our superpower in less than honest ways, and now the world sees us for who we really are, and we must now demonstrate to the world that we are no longer that cowboy country just running roughshod over everybody, sending our military anywhere we want them to go.

Now, I could get a little more nuanced and detailed than even that, but the sum total of the Obama Doctrine is that there's nothing exceptional about this place, and what everybody thought was exceptional about it was misguided, because this country's got too much baggage to ever be considered exceptional, and we need to apologize and acknowledge that we're aware of that now to the rest of the world, so that we will be seen with more friendly eyes."

"He has a chip on his shoulder about this country. It's how he was raised. It's how he was educated. Look, when a guy writes in his own book that his first job out of college in a law firm, he thinks he's in enemy territory because he's at a capitalist organization, that should tell you something. When a guy tells you he wants single-payer socialized health care, it should tell you something. When the guy assumes office, and even before he assumes office, apologizes for America in several foreign policy speeches, it should tell you something. And to me, it said a lot.

The Obama Doctrine is resulting from, it's based on the fact that he's got a chip on his shoulder about this country from the moment it was founded. In his mind, and you've heard me say this before, it was unjust, it was immoral, it codified the supremacy of whites and the rich and the elites at the expense of minorities, people of color, and the poor. It was a rigged game from the outset, a system designed to keep the elites, elites and the rich, rich, and everybody else with nothing. It was a country that grew and expanded and became powerful by virtue of its illegitimacy. And it grew and expanded by virtue of not liberating the oppressed around the world, but rather, going around the world and stealing the resources from other parts of the world and bring them home and using them as our own, and of course we could become a superpower if we were gonna be thieves.

They never use those words, but this is what he believes. This country's superpower status was never truly, honestly deserved. It was, and we were a superpower, but we didn't deserve to be, because we frequently, what would he say today, 'abandoned our values' and 'we forgot our roots' and 'we behaved in manners of our enemies.' And so now, this country has to be brought back down to size, because you see, to the modern American Left, America the superpower was not real. If it was illegitimate, it wasn't deserved, so it's not real. It's just like they say, that the 20 years of economic expansion that started during the Reagan years, that was a quark of fate, that wasn't real. The real America is all of the misery and inequality and discrimination that existed before that, and has now returned. This is the real America. This is the new normal. This is what it is. America's glory days of the past were simply not real, because they derived from illegitimacy and immorality, and as such, we really didn't deserve it.

So, the Obama Doctrine is America needs to be cut down to size. The Obama Doctrine is America is not anything exceptional."
Rush also explains that Obama really doesn't know what the hell exceptionalism means. I'm convinced of that as well. He doesn't understand that America IS the exception to the tyranny of the world that had ever existed.
"The Constitution of this country was written for the first time in human history to LIMIT the power of its leaders, to LIMIT the power of its government."
The exception of America that you can't get through to these numb skulls is not that we're somehow better or smarter people, but that we've had more freedom and liberty, "We've had the ability to live our lives according to our desires, not according to the limits placed on us by other human beings."

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ADDENDUM: Similarly, Mark Levin said last night that Obama is a serious revolutionary who believes this country is built on a foundation of evil... (H/t: TRS)
"I listened to Obama’s speech today at West Point and I thought to myself this man hasn’t learned a damn thing from being president. He hasn’t learned a damn thing about evil. He hans’t learned a damn thing about the greatness, indeed the righteousness of this country. He hasn’t learned a damn thing about our enemies.

He is committed to unilaterally disarming this country. He is committed to weakening this country because he’s been indoctrinated and he believes, not that this country is exceptional, but this country is built on a foundation of evil. I honestly believe this. Otherwise why would he conduct himself the way that he does?

He believes that this nation has been colonialist. He believes this nation has been treacherous to minorities all over the world, not to mention in our own country.

He believes that America needs to “change” — and I don’t mean change for the better. I mean that our constitutional system, he believes is inadequate for the objectives that he seeks.

Here at home he’s been a complete and utter disaster and many, many millions of people are suffering as a result and many, many millions more will suffer as a result."
If this isn't D'Souza's 2016 film coming to fruition, then I don't know what is.

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