Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Your prep for Obama's SOTU speech

If you listen to nothing else today, take note of these two things that you need to prepare yourself for Obama's State of the Union speech tonight: Levin & your copy of Ameritopia!

Reading from Ameritopia, Mark says "here's the key" to understanding what Obama said in his pre-speech comments (played in the segments above) & what he'll profess tonight:

"Simply put, equality in misery -- that is, equality of result or conformity -- is advanced as a just, fair, and virtuous undertaking. Liberty, therefore, is inherently immoral, except where it avails equality. Equality, in this sense, is a form of radical egalitarianism that has long been the subject of grave concern by advocates of liberty."

Then Levin moves on to the 'mastermind' and the 'blueprint'...

"Althought the mastermind's incompetence and vision plague the society, responsibility must be diverted elsewhere -- to those assigned to carry them out, or to the people's lack of sacrifice..."

h/t: Mr. Timotheus

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