Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bachmann out, Perry reassessing, Newt's anti-Romney alliance

Now that the Iowa indicator has given us an initial gauge, the reassessments and suspensions have already begun.

Michele Bachmann seemed vigilant last night that she would continue in the race, even though she finished near the bottom (above Huntsman only).  However, this morning she gave a press conference to announce the suspension of her campaign, "Last night, the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice, and so I have decided to stand aside."

Also last night, Perry told supporters in Des Moines, "With the voters' decision tonight in Iowa, I decided to return to Texas, assess the results of tonight's caucus, determine whether there is a path forward for myself in this race."  Although some anonymous party leaders, according to National Journal, are expecting Perry to bow out as well, there's no word from his campaign of such a decision.  In fact, The Right Scoop reported that according to Perry's latest tweet, he's not conceding at all: "And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State...Here we come South Carolina!!!"  And with a pic to boot...

So, I guess we'll see.  But here's a thought...perhaps with the news of suspensions and reassessments, now would be wise & beneficial for conservatives to begin coalescing behind a conservative candidate who can rise above the Establishment's 25% stock in Romney, then go on to definitively defeat Obama despite the naysayers?  And Gengrich seemed to be on board with such an idea this morning, even at the expense of his own campaign to help Santorum, when discussing with Laura Ingraham:

The Right Scoop says, "It bodes well for his conservative credentials to take out the moderate for the conservative cause. The downside is that this is probably going to get nasty."  Rush is discussing this same topic as we speak!  The gloves are definitely coming off, folks.

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