Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Obama's 11 other 'Solyndras' (UPDATE)

Yep, as theRightScoop put it, "Obama is simply pouring our tax dollars down the ‘clean energy’ crap hole with no regard for whether it is a good investment or not." And Andrew Breitbart's Big Government reports, "In the wake of Peter Schweizer’s explosive revelation that 80 percent of the Department of Energy’s $20.5 billion in green energy loans went to President Barack Obama’s fundraisers and donors, CBS News is now reporting that the Obama Administration spent billions of taxpayer dollars on 11 more Solyndra-style loans to so-called green energy companies that have since gone bankrupt or are facing serious financial difficulty."

Wynton Hall of Breitbart adds that economist Peter Morici told CBS that Secretary of Energy Steven Chu lies at the heart of the problem:

Tasking a Nobel Prize mathematician [Chu] to make investments for the U.S. government is like asking the manager of the New York Yankees to be the general in charge of America’s troops in Afghanistan. It’s that absurd.

Also, unmentioned in the report was that Obama put men in charge of divvying out the DoE loans and grants who were not even scientists, but instead were Obama’s top fundraisers, which probably had something to do with the DoE's refusal to be intereviewed by CBS News.

But no worries, kids. Harry Reid assures us that not only will Obama's re-election campaign remain unaffected by not having created a budget in 1,000 days, but all those green energy taxpayer-funded subsidies are doing just fine. In fact, we should invest in more renewable energy for the sake of energy independenceGo back to bed, America!

Meanwhile...(next post)

UPDATE: Brace yourself, because this is INFURIATING!  Solyndra was caught tossing brand new million dollar parts into their dumpsters out back...your taxpayer dollars, shattered in the trash!

And remember, folks, there's 11 other Solyndras out there...

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