Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A maverick endorsement

Say, didn't McLame endorse McRomney in New Hampshire today? Yes, he did. How nice was it that one of Newt's PACs reminded us of a little rivalry brewing back in '08 between the once bitter rivals? Very. Nice endorsement, Maverick!

Guess this gives more credence to Rush's assessment of Newt's motivation to destroy Romney, to which I say, 'Great!'

ADDENDUM: On Friday's program, Rush played a clip of Huckabee chastising him for 'attacking' Romney, as well as not understanding why Rush and others aren't going for Romney this time around, seemingly oblivious to the fact of a different election cycle with different candidates to choose from.  Boy, seems as though all of the '08 losers, including 'the' 2008 loser himself, are coming out for, well, one of their fellow '08 losers!  Could it be that of the three we were left with back then (the Huckster, McLame & McRomney), NONE were actually conservative options?  Yeah let's not allow that to happen again, conservatives!

Also to note, anyone feeling 'down' about our field for this year's election, I'd challenge you to compare now to then, and I would contend the chances bid fairer for an authentic conservative.

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