Thursday, January 12, 2012

Santorum's South Carolina surge (UPDATES)

While Kristol and Rove relish in the potentialities of their candidate-in-waiting, and the bickering continues between the fluid tiers, we're going to take a few moments to mention some happenings with the man that's stood above the fray as the South Carolina primary nears.  That man is Rick Santorum

I previously mentioned some endorsements and kind words from several significant societal figures for the conservative presidential candidate from Pennsylvania, and today comes word of more substantial endorsements from the political realm.

A major endorsement came from the beloved former Mayor of Hazleton, PA, and now freshman U.S. Congressman Lou Barletta, who has been a significant leader in the effort to crack down on the harboring or hiring of illegal immigrants in the state. Barletta joins U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson and U.S. Rep. Tom Marino as the now trio of Pennsylvania congressmen to throw their weight behind the former Pennsylvania senator.

On the South Carolina front, the campaign has announced the endorsement of state Rep. Greg Delleny, who was named the state's "Pro-Life Legislator of the Year" in '08, and recognized as "Legislator of the Year" in '07 by the Palmetto Family Council.

And speaking of the Palmetto state, Robert Stacy McCain reports from the American Spectator that the Santorum surge has begun with the opening of five new campaign offices throughout the state, the addition of his staff that helped him come within a mere eight-vote striking distance of defeating Romney in Iowa, and about a million dollars committed to ads, along with these latest endorsements.  He also points out that Santorum is currently third in the Real Clear Politics average of South Carolina polls (he's also currently third in the latest Rasmussen SC poll & appears to be in that same position in Florida).  Now, although this is yet another open primary (I could have an entire blog about that sham of an idea), we're out of New England for the time being and entering the southern states with an entirely different take on Republican politics, so odds are definitely more favorable.

Santorum continues to be positioned as the solid conservative alternative to the trio of moderation, distraction and lunacy!  I think I'll again refer to the previous post, and say what Mark is hesitant to say just yet: it's time to coalesce behind the one conservative whose game is on!

UPDATES: Over the weekend, Santorum received a boost from a group of evangelical leaders and social conservatives meeting in Texas who voted to back his candidacy as the conservative alternative to the establishment candidate, Romney.  Quin Hillyer of the American Spectator reported significant news on Monday that among those leaders, direct mail pioneer/Young American for Freedom impresario/conservative movement icon Richard Viguerie made known that he personally endorsed Rick Santorum for president.  If you're not familiar with Viguerie, this is actually pretty huge news!

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