Monday, January 16, 2012

Huntsman out, backs 'unelectable' Romney

Yep, the RINO-esque Mandarin candidate Jon Huntsman has dropped out of the presidential race...then immediately endorsed Romney! Huh, what a difference a few months makes when he first told David Gregory that Romney was 'unelectable'. Or with last week's Romney gaffe, followed by the ugly Republican pile on...

...and then he walks lockstep to endorse Romney? Well, speaking of pile on, let's also remember what Huntsman said about Romney's endorsements...

He got one thing right: "Nobody cares!  Nobody cares about this.  None of the endorsements that Romney has picked up have meant a thing."  And that would include yours, Mr. Huntsman.  Farewell...and don't forget to take the Scarborough lamentations with ya!

ADDENDUM: I think Santorum hit the nail on the head when saying, "Moderates are backing moderates. That’s sort of the bottom line. No surprise there. Gov. Huntsman ran as a moderate, trying to compete with Gov. Romney for the establishment moderate vote."

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