Thursday, January 12, 2012

Levin almost ready to say, "Game On!" (UPDATE)

Palin has kind words to say about him, the Duggar family has endorsed him, even Stallone likes him.  And on Wednesday's program, Mark Levin was almost prepared to call for Gingrich and Perry to drop out of the race so that conservatives can coalesce behind Santorum, because "we’re going to have to get behind one conservative to defeat Romney and Ron Paul."  But because of altering circumstances over the past day or so (Gengrich & Perry backing off, Romney stepping in it, all while Santorum's stayed out of that), he decided that he wants to wait and see what happens in South Carolina. However, I think a lot of conservatives are already there, Mark, and ready to say, "Game on!"

Some positive news for Santorum came Wednesday night on Greta's program. It appears that after the dust settled in New Hampshire, Santorum actually bested Gengrich to take fourth place in that open primary (not terrible for a conservative in a blue state considering). And odds are clearly looking up in South Carolina for Santorum to be the conservative alternative to the Massachusetts moderate. Perhaps this next contest will be the one to help the Great One push Santorum that much closer.

UPDATE: Well, he still hasn't flat-out said it, but it's pretty clear now, during last night's program (via theRightScoop), that Levin is alluding to what he was hesitant to previously say, he's just wanting listeners to really think about it, and not have to spoon-feed it to you! Levin rewound the clock to a statement made by Romney in '03 and posed some questions to his audience:

"Just step back and think about something. Who would never say what Romney just said here, 'I don't happen to subscribe to that traditional Republican caricature'? ... You want to lead the Republican Party and the conservative movement, and you can't even describe what the Republican Party and the conservative movement believes in in 200? And you describe capitalism as basically corporatism? And you're supposed to be the private sector business guy?"

Then going on to discuss Perry's 'vulture capitalism' statements, Newt's 'flopping around' with 'this capitalism stuff' against Romney, and Romney's authenticity problem & his description of corporatism as capitalism, Levin compared all those to some peoples’ concerns about a few questionable votes from Santorum...

"You may not agree with every vote that Santorum has taken, I don't agree with every vote Santorum has taken, Santorum doesn't agree with every vote he's taken; but fundamentally, he's the same man he was in 2003 and 1993 and 1983 that he is today. Romney's not! You have to pick a decade to determine what Romney believes. What did he believe two decades ago? What did he believe last decade? What does he believe this decade? It's bizarre; it's too chameleon-like."

Levin finally surmises that the following three have genuine problems: "Gengrich has been flopping around like a flounder on the beach with his bizarre responses...on Bain Capital and capitalism generally... Perry, what little chance he has, I think he wiped himself out, as a practical point. And Romney, the leader of the pack they tell us, well his feet are firmly planted in the air, aren't they? His principles seem negotiable." I think everyone knows what Levin thinks about Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman…they aren't even a factor in this equation. So who is the only viable candidate left? Yep. Santorum.

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