Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1000 days: timely coincidence

What a timely coincidence. The same night that Barack Obama will give his SOTU address, which is certain to contain the class warfare rhetoric that we've come to expect from our post-American President, also marks another profound occasion. Today marks 1000 days that our federal government has operated without an official budget. I wonder if Obama will mention this unaccomplished feat during his speech tonight? For three years under this president, two of those years under a totally Democrat-controlled Congress mind you, our federal government has exorbitantly run up both deficit and debt. But let's give credit where credit is due, as Tina Korbe of HotAir so accurately targets:

The Democrat-controlled Senate is directly to blame for the lack of a budget. Even when Democrats controlled all three branches of government, the Congress didn’t bother to pass a plan. Now that Republicans control the House, the House has passed a comprehensive budget plan — but the Senate has still done nothing. The Senate is the true do-nothing chamber, but the president will almost assuredly blame the House as the inactive chamber.

At that point in the president’s speech, tweet this video:

"The refusal by the President and his party’s leaders to advance credible budget plans commits America to a future of debt, doubt and decline. In spite of this lack of leadership, House Republicans will continue to advance bold solutions to put our budget on the path to balance and our economy back on the path to prosperity. On the 1,000th day without a budget from the Senate Democrat Majority, I encourage you to share this message" ~ U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (WI)

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