Friday, January 20, 2012

Game changer

I went to sleep thinking about this last night, and I by no means will be the first to point it out; but in the context of historical GOP primary debates, Newt Gingrich's definitive Charleston, South Carolina moment last night...

...was on par with Ronald Reagan's epic Nashua, New Hampshire moment in 1980.

(read the excerpt at YouTube to understand the full context of Reagan's response)

And I make this statement focused well beyond the mere lashing John King received over the ex-wife dirt. I'm talking about the fact that although these moments were brought on by obvious different circumstances, both occurrences involved a growing sentiment of frustration, of both candidate and voters, with an elitist ruling class media -- a media that we've come to know all to well as one that fervently protects their chosen, primarily liberal, while working aggressively to destroy their perceived conservative threats. And the embodiment of this sentiment, of Newt's entire admonition of the media's biased tactics against conservatives, was perfectly expressed in Newt's final statement made during this exchange:

"I am tired of the elite media protecting Barack Obama by attacking Republicans."

Big Media, you have been excoriated and exposed by not only Gingrich's comment, but by the vindicated applause and cheers of every audience member at that moment.  And this is why we're reminded of Reagan's Nashua moment, because it too was inarguably a game changer.

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