Friday, January 6, 2012

Our foreign policy genius?

NOT! This rolls right into the previous few posts, but I'm going to make this quick, to get to the real question.  First, here's a few headlines to ponder concerning the direction Obama is taking us in on the world stage...

Obama to cut “tens of thousands of ground troops” from military
Iraq: 72 killed, 68 wounded in Baghdad bomb blast
Iran building missile base in Venezuela
RED SCARE: Obama Plans to Share Nuke Secrets with Russia

Slashing the military by a trillion dollars, handing the Middle East over to radical Islamists, giving Russia our military secrets, while the Iranians build missile bases in Venezuela...we're supposed to believe that this won't deter independents, or the so-called 'moderates', from voting for Obama, but the fearful Establishment wing of the Republican Party believes calling the man a liar and a statist will?!  Time for some to pull their heads out a the proverbial spot where the sun doesn't shine, don't ya think?

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