Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hawkeye Cauceye time!

Happy New Year, folks!  An Ebb and Flow has made it through its first year, and now we end up at this moment: the Iowa Caucus is upon us.  I've listened to Rush's perspective on it, and I'm currently listening to Levin's thoughts as well.  Of course, this is just the first step into the primary process, which has shown itself many times before to simply be a starting point, NOT the final decision, which will of course be solidified at the convention.  But here are a few videos to perhaps make note of as Iowan delegates head into tonight's vote. Starting with some of the candidates first:

Perry's new ad:

(and that perfect "You got a name?" moment)

Santorum's latest ad:

(with some context about his youngest, as well as the Colmes fiasco surrounding the death of a newborn son)

Gengrich calls the Massachusetts moderate a liar: "It's like his pretense that he's a conservative."

Yes, Bob, a 'bald-face liar' from the Republican Establishment would still be better than another Obama term...yes it would, Bob.

Palin to Bachmann: "I don't think it's her time this go around..."

Disappointing early count out, IMHO.

And more Paul lunacy (Come on, Iowa, really?):

Besides the media laughter you saw in that Gengrich piece, we of course get more of the usual from the biased liberal media: Iowa is "too white, too evangelical, too rural"

And finally, concerning the man we're ALL aiming to defeat in November:

Good luck, Iowans.  Please make the right choice to kick this season off...

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