Thursday, January 7, 2016

While we've been distracted by birtherism...

"Can we, as conservatives, get back to restoring the republic, or do we continue to follow stupid arguments into defeat?" ~ Mark Levin
During the middle of this week, while we've been distracted by birtherism, several pertinent issues have arisen and events have occurred...
North Korea says they have tested a HYDROGEN BOMB!!
Canadian company SUES OBAMA for unconstitutionally refusing Keystone pipeline!!!
Whoa! Pretty significant stuff, huh?

Also, the Democratic presidential frontrunner, like the DNC chair before her, couldn't tell Chris Matthews the difference between Democrats and socialists...

Not that it's shocking anymore, but telling nonetheless, right? Not to mention all her other scandals...
From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton Scandal Primer

Then Joy Behar demonstrates that it's not just uninformed voters that's wrong with America, but also the LOONS on the left...
As long as you vote her way, rape and murder away!
TRS: This goes much further than saying character doesn’t matter. She’s literally saying she doesn’t care that Teddy Kennedy drowned a woman and then abandoned her. She doesn’t care if Bill Clinton raped a woman. As long as you vote her way, she’ll vote for you. How pathetic is that? Unbelievable.

This is why America is in the hole it’s in. Loons like Behar are the enablers of the people damning this country and they don’t even care.
And the one to take the cake had to be Obama's crocodile tears...crying for gun control, err, I mean, the children...

Well, what about violent felons released, illegal alien violence, the Fast & Furious gunrunning scandal, terrorism, etc.? Obama won't mention those, but Levin will...
ThePoliticalInsider: Mark Levin is a constitutional scholar and popular conservative radio host. After he saw President Barack Obama shedding “crocodile tears” on Wednesday while unveiling unconstitutional gun control acts, Levin took the gloves off!

Levin believes it’s all an act, and wonders just why Obama hasn’t shed tears for other tragedies that have happened on American soil… This is epic!
“Did Obama cry when the precious young lady (Kate Steinle) was murdered in cold blood in San Francisco, a sanctuary city? We didn’t hear from him for 48-72 hours. Did Obama cry when an American reporter was decapitated on tape? No. Ten minutes later he was seen laughing and going off to play golf. Did Obama cry in the mass murder in San Bernardino, California when he made his statement? No. And he got around to visiting the area and those folks on the way to his to vacation. I’m sorry. I can’t put up with this crap.”

Btw, the Donald believed Obama was sincere. Wow.

But ALL of this has happened over the past few days...and all we should be paying attention to is birtherism?

Because one man keeps beating that dead horse?

Ask yourself, why the agitation of emotions? Why are we being prevented from giving full attention to the genuine issues before us?

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