Friday, January 8, 2016

TX Gov. Greg Abbott releases 'Texas Plan', endorses Article V Convention of States!

“Our government was founded on the rule of law rather the caprice of man. That rule of law flows from our Constitution. That Constitutional foundation is now so often ignored that the Founders would hardly recognize it. Until we fix that foundation by restoring the rule of law, all the repairs we seek through the policies you propose will never lead to lasting solutions.”
RIGHT ON, Governor!
RedState: Speaking at a public policy meeting in Austin, Texas Friday Gov. Greg Abbott released his “Texas Plan” a 100 page package of 9 potential amendments to the Constitution that would restore liberty and revive the system of checks and balances in our federal government.

Abbott’s plan echo’s that of nationally syndicated talk show host and author of the best selling The Liberty Amendments in that they call on the state legislatures to use Article V of the constitution to call for a convention of states to debate and propose amendments for possible ratification by three-fourths of the states. In order for an Article V convention to be called two-thirds of the state legislatures need to submit applications calling for one.

To counter the phony claims that such a convention could “run away” Gov. Abbott explicitly calls for the agenda for any convention to be set in advance and that the convention itself should not discuss anything that isn’t permitted by the state legislatures. Should any such proposal make it to the convention under Abbott’s plan the whole Texas delegation and participation in the convention would be terminated.

To date the state legislatures in Florida, Georgia, Alaska, and Alabama have signed on to an Article V convention like that envisioned by Gov. Abbott and Mark Levin.
BREITBART Texas covers much more of Abbott's speech, while TheRightScoop provides full video coverage...
Texas Governor Greg Abbott has decided to take the lead in calling for a Constitutional Convention in order to amend the Constitution and take back states’ rights. This is exactly the kind of voice needed to begin the process to make this finally happen.
"The cure to these problems will not come from Washington, D.C. They must come from the states. To begin that process, I am adding another item to the agenda for the next legislative session. I want legislation authorizing Texas to join other states in calling for a convention of states to fix the cracks in our broken Constitution."

"The Texas Plan includes amendments that do what so desperately needs to be done, and that is to put teeth into the Tenth Amendment. That is the best way to restore the states and the people as guardians of our Constitution."
Here's Gov. Abbott’s 9 proposed amendments (h/t Twitchy):
Again, if you've read Levin's Liberty Amendments, then you'll recognize many of these!

#ConventionOfStates #MakeDCListen

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ADDENDUM: Gov. Abbott discusses his call for a convention of states with Mark Levin on Monday...

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