Friday, January 22, 2016

The truth about Trump (in his own words)

And here's why I'm not buying the Trump lines when the TRUTH can easily be revealed in his own words to the very people who support him (h/t Craig Andresen)...
Donald Trump will not be beholden to big corporations. Are they SURE of this? ... Trump can’t be bought. ... but, again there is something which Trumpers routinely, religiously ignore. Trump is the guy that BUYS politicians and their political favors. In fact, during the very first Republican debate, Donald Trump not only admitted to buying politicians and political favors… He BRAGGED about it.

Trumpers are very fond of spouting off that Trump, unlike anyone else in the field of 2016 Republicantt 3 candidates, is a true Conservative. Oh, is he now? Really? Well, let’s see exactly how Donald Trump stacks up to the embodiment of the anathema to Conservatism…shall we? Barack Hussein Obama is a strong proponent of a single payer healthcare system. How about Trump?

Obama just loves to raise taxes but what about Trump’s proposed tax plan? How does that fit in with solid Conservatism?

Well, after reviewing Trump’s proposed tax cuts last September, the Tax Policy Center released the COST of Trump’s tax cuts which would have to include a 20% spending cut across the board in order to prevent raising our national debt by nearly $25 TRILLION dollars over the next 20 years. Those spending cuts would “amount to more than 100% of defense spending, or 82% of domestic program spending, or 41% of Medicare and Social Security spending.” ...

Obama is pro choice. Trump?

Obama says that he believes Hillary Clinton did a great job as our Secretary of State. Trump?

We all know that Obama is hell-bent on gun control and that he has a pen and a phone to prove it but where does Donald Trump, the “Trumper’s conservative” stand on the subject?

Here’s what Trump said about gun control back in 2000…”I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. With today’s Internet technology we should be able to tell within seventy-two hours if a potential gun owner has a record.” ...

Barack Obama has donated money to both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Donald J. Trump has bragged about donating money to both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and the fact remains, that before 2009, when Trump was either a registered independent or a registered democrat,(he kept switching back and forth) he gave the bulk of his political donations…i.e. the buying of politicians and political favors…TO liberals.

In fact…don’t take MY word for it in regards to Trump’s liberal leanings and his liberal stance on so many key issues…take HIS word for it.

Oh, I know that Trumpers will quickly dismiss these facts and try to tell us all how Trump doesn’t really believe these things any more…that he’s “evolved” on these issues but guess who else claims an evolution in thinking or stands on given issues…

I can understand any elected official changing his or her stance on specific issues as the nature of the issues themselves change, but what we see in Trump is a quantum shift in political ideology and philosophy…not because the issues have radically changed, but because Trump’s personal goals have changed and that is political expediency based on his own narcissistic desire to rule the country. ...

This is not the truth…as I see it…this is the truth as Donald J. Trump has TOLD it HIMSELF and I have not exposed Trump as being everything BUT a Conservative… I simply allowed Trump to handle that on his own.
There's nothing to be giddy about here, folks. The man is clearly NOT a conservative, much less principled in any consistent fashion, flip-flopping all over the place on issue after issue with the political winds, while badgering those who would dare expose the truth of the matter (establishment and sycophants in tow). Is it because voters are that desperate for any semblance of leadership in the Republican Party that so many will buy into the 'just trust me' or 'I'll make America great again' broad swipes if a candidate manages to tap into a singular issue? Or have we ourselves fallen so far from the traditional American principles that embody conservatism? One thing's for certain: we buy into this populism over constitutionality at our own peril, America. But don't take my word for it...
RedState: None of the material in this video was unknown from day one.

The liberalism and crony capitalism of the Establishment did not cause people to revolt and support… a known liberal recipient of crony capitalism. So stop saying that it did. The evidence of that can be seen in the way that the Establishment is now eagerly embracing Trump in order to prevent even the possibility of a Cruz presidency – and in the way Trump is praising them in return.
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Trump contributions to Democrats
Know Who Else Has Received Loans from Citibank and Goldman Sachs? Donald Trump.

ADDENDUM: We don't even have to go back that far, just last week, to witness Trump's contempt for his own voters...
RedState: Donald Trump is running a scam. We all know that. Last week, Trump acknowledged his anti-political-correctness persona is a theatrical schtick:
Late last week, Trump was in Las Vegas bragging about his ability to cut deals with Democrats and praising Reagan’s 1986 amnesty bill as a model of deal-making.

Last week he was also bragging about the Establishment types leaving their favorite candidates and wanting to join his campaign:

He signed on with Iowa Governor Terry Branstad in supporting the Ethanol Lobby. Even without going back into his history of supporting eminent domain for personal gain, etc., etc., Trump has been the quintessential member of the Establishment. Trump owes an immense amount of money to just about every bank there is. And the Establishment has concluded that Trump is someone they can work with. Now that Ted Cruz has started linking him to the Establishment, Trump is on the defensive. He has a new ad out, called “Establishment,” which relies upon suspension of disbelief and disregard for your own lyin’ eyes to be believable:

TRANSCRIPT: TRUMP: The establishment, the media, the special interests, the lobbyists, the donors, they’re all against me. I’m self-funding my campaign. I don’t owe anybody anything. I only owe it to the American people to do a great job. They are really trying to stop me. Everybody knows it. Everybody sees it. We’re going to win. We’re going to win it for the people. We’re going to win it for out country. We’re going to make America great again.
The only way this ad is plausible is if you disregard everything Trump has said about himself and everything the Establishment has said about him. This takes us back to his statement over the weekend:

Again, these aren't my words...but they are the Donald's.

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