Monday, January 18, 2016

But perjury IS a felony, Marco!

Marco Rubio used to oppose illegal immigration and now he has completely disassembled on this. What America needs to do is secure its borders and then find those who are overstaying their visas. ~ ML,1/18/16
Sunday on MeetThePress, Rubio continued swerving all over his pathway, saying that if illegals haven't committed any "non-immigration related" crime, they can stay...

Being illegal IS crime enough, but even more so, perjury IS a felony, Marco!
TRS: Marco Rubio only wants to deport illegals in America who have committed crimes, that is to say, non-immigration-related crimes. But Mark Levin makes an interesting point about immigration-related crimes:

I think most of us would admit that visa perjury is very significant, at least with respect to deporting someone who purposefully overstayed their visa. And then perhaps banning them reentry for a time. I mean we’re not talking about life in prison here. Just deportation.

A reporter or a citizen at a town hall needs to ask Rubio about this.
The big mistake of LYING to immigration to get a visa or green card is a serious CRIME, and not enforcing current law is a big problem, no matter how much Rubio and other lawmakers want to downplay it.

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