Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Is this the Donald Implosion we've been waiting for?

TheRightScoop has done one helluva a job keeping up with the Trump/Cruz/Iowa/debate goings-on over the past 36 hours. Just take a look at what appears to be the implosion that thinking-Americans have been waiting for. It all seems to be snowballing after Cruz's Iowa Caucus poll acceleration...

Another New Iowa poll shows it NECK AND NECK between Cruz and Trump
TRUMP: I can CUT DEALS with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer
TED CRUZ: If Trump wins Iowa and New Hampshire he may be unstoppable — [VIDEO]
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MUST READ: Trump now TRASHING and LYING about Iowa evangelical leader who endorsed Ted Cruz
BREAKING: Here are the 8 candidates who qualify for the Fox News Debate on the 28th
Mark Levin on Trump praising Nancy Pelosi: THIS IS INCREDIBLE AUDIO TO ME!
BOOM! Ted Cruz: If Trump thinks Megyn Kelly is so scary, what’s he gonna do with Putin?
‘I TRUST TED to do what needs to be DONE!!’ – Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins ENDORSES CRUZ!!!
TRUMP statement: It takes REAL GUTS to run away from Megyn Kelly!!
WOW!! Fox News releases statement ACCUSING Trump campaign of THREATS and terrorizations against Megyn Kelly!!
Here’s that time Trump called a candidate DISLOYAL for SKIPPING A DEBATE…
WATCH: Heidi Cruz goes on CNN to talk about Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and more! [FULL INTERVIEW]
LOL! Trump campaign says debate boycott is NOT about Megyn Kelly just after Trump trashes her on Twitter
MORNING JOE: Roger Ailes frantically trying to get Trump back in the debate!
RUSH explains why Trump is skipping debate, says he was STUNNED at Fox News response
Ted Cruz will be center stage tomorrow night with no empty podium left for The Donald
WATCH: Eric Bolling PLEADS AND BEGS TRUMP to go the Fox debate!
Watch: Trump EXPLODES at a reporter over tough question on Abortion!
Journalists who don’t think Trump threats are a BIG PROBLEM should go work infomercials! – Greg Gutfeld
Mark Levin: “I don’t think he’d like his wife being called a bimbo!”
SORRY DONALD!! CNN will NOT change programming for Trump’s anti-debate event!! [UPDATE!]
Evangelical leaders ANGERED by Jerry Falwell Jr.’s endorsement of TRUMP!!

...which leads to the one I particularly like this evening: READ the official letter Ted Cruz just sent Donald Trump challenging him to IOWA DEBATE this weekend!
This just came down the email pipe from the Cruz campaign:
January 27, 2016

Dear Donald,

We owe it to the men and women of Iowa to ensure that they hear jointly and directly from the two leading Republican candidates so that they may contrast our positions on the critical issues we face as a nation as they make their final choice leading up to Monday’s caucuses.

Accordingly, please accept this invitation to join me at an in-person, two-hour Town Hall event at Western Iowa Tech Community College in Sioux City this Saturday, January 30th at 8:00 p.m. Central. This venue is already reserved and I would propose that our campaigns evenly divide available seating/ticketing. Our teams can jointly work on the logistical details.

Additionally, I propose one of the following three individuals serve as a Town Hall facilitator: Mark Levin, Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh. If none of these proposed individuals are acceptable to you, I suggest that instead we alternate in fielding direct questions from the audience.

I look forward to your timely response.

Wouldn’t it be great to see the two of them go mano-a-mano on Saturday night? It would be YUUUGE!

I hope Trump accepts!
Personally, I can't help but agree with Rand Paul...

Guess we'll see how the week pans out. Things can change in a heartbeat, especially in this chaotic Republican election cycle. However, it certainly appears as though folks are tiring of the circus & the sideshow has run its course. We can only hope...


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