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Trump to Cruz is the difference between Nixon Republicans and Reagan Republicans

A day late, but definitely not a dollar short! This is well WORTH your consideration and understanding, folks...first in Iowa...
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, Conservatives are against crony capitalism, where statists use the power of the federal government to subsidize one industry against another. So why is Donald Trump supporting ethanol? If ethanol were a viable source of fuel the free market would have responded positively, but it hasn’t, yet the government continues to push it. Ethanol is causing enormous damage to the third world and driving food prices up. Trump’s support over ethanol shows the divide in the Republican Party between the Nixon Republicans and the Reagan Republicans. Also, Ted Cruz is a solid conservative constitutionalist yet Trump would have Americans believe that he is worse than Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump needs to take the high road instead of resorting to liberal and Nixonian tactics. Later, Senator Ted Cruz calls in to defend himself against Trump’s comments and talk about his positions on ethanol and H-1B visas.
Breitbart: Wednesday on his radio show, talk show host Mark Levin dissected what he saw as the driving force behind GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s candidacy, which was described as “agrarian national populism” and said it was akin to Richard Nixon’s candidacy in 1968, not Ronald Reagan’s of 1980.

“You and I want to run 1980,” he said. “They want to run 1968. It’s really not that more complicated. ‘Well, what do we have here – an evolution of conservatism. Ah, yes – agrarian national populism.’ The pseudo-morons, phony intellectuals who write this stuff obvious don’t know what they’re talking about or they’re very, very new to conservatism. They want to have an enormous impact. They think they’re going to control events. They will learn otherwise. I don’t pretend to control events. I just give you my opinion.”

Later in the segment, Levin said it was his view that populism was in conflict with the Constitution.

“This is this populism thing,” he said. “It’s not populism. It’s pandering. And let me tell you something else – if you believe in our constitutional system and people say they do, the Constitution is not about populism. It’s not about pluralism. It’s about liberty. You cannot have a majority of people voting whether or not you have unalienable rights. You have unalienable rights no matter what anybody says. They belong to you. They’re God-given natural rights and our Constitution recognizes that. Are we supposed to shred it? Are we supposed to give it up? Is that ideological purity, a phrase that everybody is throwing around now? No we want 1980, not 1968 – 1980, not 1968. We’re not ideological purists. We’re conservatives.”
Here's what Levin and Cruz had to discuss about this and MUCH more, further separating the Nixonians from the Reaganites...

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Let me just leave you with a great little sampling taken from the past 24 hours of Nixonian attacks versus Reaganite responses...
Nixonian: Trump: ‘The Problem With Washington, They Don’t Make Deals, It’s All Gridlock’
Reaganite: TED CRUZ: If you want someone to cut deals with Reid, Pelosi, and Schumer THEN DONALD TRUMP IS YOUR GUY

Nixonian: Donald Trump goes OFF THE RAILS: Ted Cruz is worse than Hillary when you think about it

Nixonian: Bob Dole Warns of ‘Cataclysmic’ Losses With Ted Cruz, and Says Donald Trump Would Do Better
Reaganite: Ted Cruz: Bob Dole Opposed Reagan
So when it gets right down to it, do you want a Nixon? Or do you want a Reagan? That goes for Iowa, that goes for all the upcoming primary states, or ALL states for that matter, ALL citizens, the Nation on whole.

(I believe Levin made mention of Herbert Hoover as well, because, you know, he was a 'business man' too...and look how that turned out!)

ADDENDUM: More from Levin...
On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, Senator’s Orrin Hatch and Richard Burr are taking a second look at Donald Trump. Why are the establishment Republicans considering him electable over Ted Cruz? The establishment is now showing its true colors by attacking Cruz and showing support for Trump. Americans should realize that this is Nixon versus Reagan. Those who say politics is about doing whatever needs to be done to get elected are the Nixon crowd. Reagan rejected this view point and used his belief system to persuade people. Trump and other candidates would do well to borrow from Reagan’s conservative beliefs and principles instead of just using his lines. ... If Trump can talk about Ted Cruz’s loans, why not ask him about his past donations to Sen. Harry Reid, previous support of amnesty or support of Syrian refuges?
On Friday’s Mark Levin show, Americans should never forget that it’s not about the candidate it’s about the country. Donald Trump is running a very unique campaign in the way he moves from portraying himself as an outsider to attracting more inside establishment support. This type of campaign tactic is very Nixonian. It is remarkable that Trump has done this and still holds onto his supporters. However, if he doesn’t take the highroad he could lose. He is showing that he is not conservative but an agrarian populist nationalist. Trump and other candidates should stop attacking each other and talk about the issues. Conservatives should remember while Ted Cruz took a loan out from Goldman Sachs, he never gave money to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or Bill de Blasio. The establishment stopped attacking Trump and are calling him because they see he is winning and they want to influence him. Americans shouldn’t abandon their principles like politicians have, because principles brought our country to where it is today.
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