Monday, January 25, 2016

Glenn Beck endorses Ted Cruz

"What you do...could mean the difference between our republic being saved and our republic being lost, and I'm going to explain that..."
If you look across the political landscape, as the Establishment coalesces around their anybody-but-Cruz candidate, there's OVERWHELMING SUPPORT for Ted Cruz. With the campaign cycle closing in on the primaries, more and more conservatives are awakened, thinking for themselves, even ignoring misguided 'leadership' when necessary, and stepping up to the seriousness of our situation. While one candidate seals the congealment of silliness, another shores up the substantive message for Americans with an intelligent, impassioned new endorsement over the weekend, first in Ankeny, then in Waterloo...
"'Where there is no vision, the people parish,' and that is what has happened to us... We have to go the other direction. ... Time and time again, Americans have thought, 'We're done; we are not gonna make it; there's no way out.' But let me give you the good news: This is when America is at its best. ... This is a magical place, and we've been told, 'It's over.' I testify to you today, it is not over. In nine days, you choose a new beginning for America."
Beck went on to present his endorsement of Cruz, not through a policy of praise, but through a discussion of the principles of Faith, Hope and Charity...
"The George Washington that we have all been praying for is not going to be found in the garish light of gold. The George Washington that we have been looking for will be found in the quiet yet bold service from a man who stands tirelessly for what he deeply believes: The Constitution of the United States of America. There is one candidate who finds his treasure there and in his God and in the service of them both."
(Full campaign rally in Waterloo, Iowa here)
TheBlaze: “I am here to announce that I am endorsing Senator Ted Cruz as the next President of the United States!” Beck said to wild cheers from crowd at Faith Bible College in Ankeny.

Beck said Cruz is the candidate who will “repoint the cornerstones” in Washington.

Beck also highlighted Cruz’s many accomplishments — from winning landmark court cases to standing on principles grounded by the U.S. Constitution.

The iconic radio talk-show host recalled a moment after he became acquainted with Cruz: “If you’re not who you say you are, I’m going to be your worst nightmare,” Beck said he told Cruz, adding that he’s watched the conservative candidate “relentlessly” and that Cruz is indeed who he says he is.

Just before Beck officially made his endorsement, he brought Cruz onstage and handed him his George Washington compass, a symbol of radio host’s pursuit of truth.

Beck said Cruz will fight for religious liberty, citizens’ Second Amendment rights and nominating Supreme Court justices who won’t tilt the balance toward liberalism.

“Iowa, I beg you,” Beck said as the state’s caucus approaches. “My children’s future depends on what you do a week from Monday.”

Beck underscored that it’s a “two-person race” with Cruz locked in a battle for votes with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

“We have to start raising the bar,” Beck said.
We MUST return to a nation of God and Law, not of men's flawed devices...Ted Cruz is the man to lead us there.

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