Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Of course Sarah Palin is endorsing Donald Trump

Good! Now ALL the silliness can congeal into one unsubstantial populist reality show, and the clear path might finally widened towards the authentic conservative!
NR: Where there are open flames, there will always be curious moths. Tonight, at a little after six o’clock, Sarah Palin will succumb at last to overwhelming temptation and sign up for Donald Trump’s ever-glistering light show. And in that remarkable moment, the mask will fall off completely.

If you are surprised by this development, you shouldn’t be. Ours is an age in which politics and entertainment are melted together without opposition or disfavor; a silly, self-indulgent, shallow age in which Kanye West thinks he can be the president of the United States and the president of the United States thinks he can be Kanye West. That Palin and Trump are together at last is no accident of ideology or timing; rather, it is the inevitable and rational confluence of two ghastly cults of personality — a fat-cutting, cash-saving merger that will serve to increase overall market share. Under their own steam, both figures have convinced a significant portion of the American population that their personal advancement is the key to the country’s success. Together, just think how great America can be!

Talk to a Palin fan and you will be told in a matter of moments that to oppose her is to oppose “real America.” Talk to a Trump fan, and you will be told that to knock him is to knock “We the people” — of which, it is made abundantly clear, you are no longer a valued part. All told, this symmetry makes sense, for the pair have of late become mirror images. Sarah Palin started in politics and moved seamlessly into television and entrepreneurship; Donald Trump started in business and, after a quick foray onto the small screen, readied himself for the ballot box. Now their most effective cudgels can be wielded as one: You’re not so effete that you’re against the both of them, are you?

They will pretend otherwise, of course — and their screaming acolytes will mewl their way into acquiescence — but, by uniting, the pair has shown the way toward a new sort of conservative establishment.
And there's that misuse of the term conservative again. It seems that in Palin's vying for political relevance, she's hitched her wagon to a certifiable ass instead of the thoroughbred in this race. Witness what grasping for fame does for principle...

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ADDENDUM: Reason gets it right that Sarah Palin’s bizarre, rambling speech was the PERFECT Donald Trump endorsement, expressing that "the former Alaska governor captured the incoherence that's driving Trump's campaign."
In a way, then, Palin’s speech was the perfect endorsement for Donald Trump’s campaign: an incoherent mess of angry, resentful sentiment, delivered in a way designed to provide the maximum in media spectacle. Palin effectively—and, okay, somewhat poetically—captured and amplified the identity-politics-driven nonsense that feeds both the candidate and his supporters.

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