Monday, January 4, 2016

Obama kicksoff 2016 with lawless executive action on gun control

Happy New Year? Not if Obama can help it as his acquiesced dictatorship is allowed to trample more American rights. And according to him, he's 'fired up' about it...
Breitbart: President Barack Obama will reportedly announce executive gun control actions on Tuesday. The gun controls are expected to expand background checks to cover private gun sellers as well to place new reporting requirements on the backs of federally licensed firearms dealers.

According to ABC News, the White House has been open about the fact that the Department of Justice has spent months helping Obama find a way to go around Congress and increase gun control “unilaterally.”
Moreover, these unconstitutional executive regulations would have absolutely no affect in stopping the high profile shootings of Gabby Giffords or mass public attacks like Sandy Hook that this president touts in his pursuit of more government power over the citizenry.

While Obama remains confident that his gun control orders won't violate the 2nd Amendment...

...he couldn't be more detached from both reality and the American people...
Americans are adamant: Obama’s efforts at gun control have got to go
Most Americans oppose stricter gun laws and disapprove of President Obama’s handling of gun control even as they remain split on whether the president has done enough on the issue, according to CNN/ORC poll results out Tuesday.

Gallup poll refutes Obama’s gun control obsession
President Obama is expected to go before the American people any day now to stress the urgency to act on the “epidemic of gun violence.” But a newly released Gallup Poll questions whether the American people see this as a pressing concern.
Ladies and gentlemen, as Laura Ingraham pointed out yesterday, it is the GOP Congress who "unilaterally disarmed itself" in this gun control debate by passing that massive budget omnibus...

And even with lawsuits already lined up to shut down Obama's executive gun control (hat tip, FreedomWatch!), neither House Speaker Ryan nor Senate Majority Leader McConnell have provided a plan to fight the implementation of any executive gun controls put forward by Obama. But then, why would they when they've just assisted him?! #OnePartyRule

Also of note, Mark Levin discussed the new gun control proposals that are being leaked by the White House on Monday's program, slamming the main proposal as "a backdoor attempt to intimidate people"...

On Monday’s Mark Levin show, What America needs to do is to secure the border and not produce more gun laws and regulations. The more gun control there is the less able Americans will be to be able to fight back. Yet, President Obama is continuing his executive overreach by ordering more regulations through executive order. His move is not about gun control but about changing the constitutional government of the U.S to a centralized government with unlimited powers. His thinking is in line with Woodrow Wilson, who utterly dismissed the Declaration of Independence and wanted unrestrained centralized rule. In addition, Obama shows his hypocrisy when it comes to gun control as he released criminals who had committed armed crimes with guns.
Yeah, what's up with the hypocrisy of siding with criminals over the law-abiding?

Perhaps these slightly more on-target polls better summarize the entirety of America's overall sentiment...
Gallup: Americans Say Government Is Nation’s Biggest Problem
Poll: Americans are angry; Republicans madder than Democrats
“We the people are pissed."
Obama will undoubtedly disregard the will of the people...will the GOP continue down that path as well this new year? If so, I'm afraid both will be in for a rude awakening.

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