Monday, September 21, 2015

The RNC is in bed with a Democratic media

How far the RNC has fallen in such a short amount of time...from a communications director who once suggested more authentic debates with the likes of Rush, Levin and Hannity just a few short years ago to the flagrant, choreographed food fights with bought-and-paid-for media moderators we're now witnessing.

So, between these instances and every piece of reporting in between, if you don't think the RNC is playing their part in allowing the Democratic media to help drive the Republican candidacy, then you're not paying attention.

From one media-determined controversy lobbed at the unorthodox frontrunner...
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show: The latest in a long line of fake issues to be propped up by the media is Donald Trump not defending President Obama after someone at a rally called Obama a Muslim. Obama is allowed to call us racist and trash Christians and refuse to say Islamic terrorism, but as soon as anyone criticizes Obama it’s unacceptable and we have to come to his defense. We cannot allow the media to drive the Republican debates and determine the GOP nominee through phony controversies like this. The issue is not whether Obama is Muslim; the issue is Obama and his anti-Semitic policies and his mistreatment of Israel. the smear of another top tier candidate's opinion...
On Monday’s Mark Levin Show: If Democrats in the media can’t be objective journalists they should get the hell out. We’re tired of pretend journalists injecting their bias into every interview, most recently attacking Ben Carson. If someone says they wouldn’t vote for someone based on their religion that doesn’t violate Article 6 of the Constitution; in fact it’s protected under the 1st Amendment. Carson is being painted as anti-Muslim while we’ve witnessed more persecution of Muslims in the Middle East under President Obama than any other president in history. The media keeps dragging us into their quicksand of flat-out lies while our country continues to spiral into a post-Constitutional hell.

...and culminating in knocking more conservative supported candidates out, while the establishment contenders astonishingly hang on to the end...
On Monday’s Mark Levin Show: The current format for Republican debates doesn’t serve some candidates well, and Gov Scott Walker is the first casualty because of it. It’s a shame because Walker had the best record of any governor on the stage at the CNN debate, yet he received the least amount of time to talk. Walker is suspending his campaign for the presidency while all the RINOs are still running strong.
The tentacles of the Washington cartel distract with the left hand to pick off with the right. All the while, working in unison.

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ADDENDUM: Since the Democratic media, along with the RNC, assuredly deceives Republican voters and potentials, perhaps reshuffling a few stats to highlight the TOP FIVE contenders based solely on record will contribute in some positive way towards the selection of a meaningful nominee by a more informed electorate...

Detailed information about each candidate issue-by-issue can be interactively explored HERE.

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