Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Surprise! Iran just 'discovered' a huge uranium reserve after Dems & RINOs seal the nuke deal for Obama

Shocker (/sarcasm)...
TheFiscalTimes: Iran has discovered an unexpectedly high reserve of uranium and will soon begin extracting the radioactive element at a new mine, the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization said on Saturday.

The comments cast doubt on previous assessments from some Western analysts who said the country had a low supply and sooner or later would need to import uranium, the raw material needed for its nuclear program.
Umm, they knew, folks. And they were allowed to pull this sucker punch under the supposed nose of the UN and the Obama administration, if you believe that. More likely with...
FoxNews: Iran has reportedly found an unexpectedly high reserve of uranium, following assessments that the country is running low on the nuclear raw material and just days after President Obama essentially secured an international nuclear deal with the country's leaders.

The international deal with Iran, largely brokered by the Obama administration, slows the country’s nuclear development for nearly a decade in exchange for the lifting of billions of dollars worth of crippling economic sanctions.

World leaders think Iran is trying to develop a nuclear weapon, despite Tehran’s denial. However, Iran under the deal will still be able to pursue a nuclear-development program, for which the uranium could be used.
Now to be developed with unbridled funding thanks to the Obama nuke deal.

And McConnell/Boehner, another show vote won't matter (not that they mean it to), because besides already having rigged the game by your own hands, this administration is Caliphate or bust right along with the Islamo-Nazis.

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