Friday, September 4, 2015

Before Dems nuke up Iran, there's one last effort for Congress to treat this like the TREATY it is...if they'll ACT!

It’s time for the Senate and House of Representatives to reverse course and treat President Obama’s Iran deal as a treaty. Republicans in Washington are every bit as guilty as Obama for not only tolerating his lawlessness, but by participating in it. The game is now fixed because of the Senate surrendering treaty powers to Obama. ~ ML, 9/3/15
That mere 34 threshold vote isn't enough for Dear Leader. He needs more Democratic Senators support to pile atop this ash heap of a nuke deal for the Islamo-Nazis in Tehran to somehow better justify it in his narcissistic mind...and it looks predictably like he's getting it...
AP: Now a done deal, the Iran nuclear agreement gained critical backing from three more Democratic senators Thursday, boosting White House hopes of blocking a disapproval resolution in the Senate so the president won't have to veto it.

Democratic Sens. Cory Booker of New Jersey, Mark Warner of Virginia and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota announced their support in quick succession for the deal that aims to curb Iran's nuclear program in exchange for wide relief from economic sanctions.

The announcement from Booker, in particular, was closely watched because he was under immense pressure from segments of the Jewish community in New Jersey to oppose the deal, and New Jersey's other Democratic senator, Bob Menendez, is an outspoken opponent.

In a statement, Booker voiced deep reservations but concluded: "It is better to support a deeply flawed deal, for the alternative is worse. Thus, I will vote in support of the deal. But the United States must recognize that to make this deal work, we must be more vigilant than ever in fighting Iranian aggression."
So, helping them get to a nuke somehow does that? Hell no it doesn't! I mean, come on, even Biden can see that, YET he's still supporting the deal. Irrational, illogical.

FreeBeacon: Vice President Joe Biden told a roundtable in Davie, Florida on Thursday that it was a “totally legitimate argument” that sanctions relief will enable Iran to “do more of the bad things they’re doing now” like fund terrorism and destabilize the Middle East.

The relief as part of the nuclear agreement reached in July totals roughly $100 billion. Iran funds Hezbollah and Hamas, among other terrorist groups, and is the world’s leading sponsor of terror.

Biden, while defending the deal to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) and a group of Jewish supporters, addressed the financial benefits for Iran as a result of the agreement.

“Well, Joe, even if I believed you were able to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, you’re going to give them a whole lot of money, Joe Boy!” Biden said with a laugh. “And they’re going to go out and do more of the bad things they’re doing now, do it more efficiently and threaten our friends in an existential way because they’ll have so much more money and capacity. Totally legitimate argument and concern.”
So? Then why support the damn thing if that's a MAJOR fault? Because if President Obama wants it, he gets it. Flaws be damned, along with the rest of us!

There is however one last ditch effort to get out of this very bad deal. Circling back to the lead-in from Levin, it is time for Congress to treat this deal like the treaty it is and take back control! At least one U.S. lawmaker from Texas is pursuing that direction...
LongviewNewsJournal: The U.S. congressman for Northeast Texas told a Longview audience Thursday that he plans to announce a resolution this weekend that could make it easier for Congress to stop the Obama administration's nuclear deal with Iran.

"Now that we've seen it, it's clearly a treaty," U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert said of the deal to slow Iran's march to nuclear weapons capability.

The Tyler Republican told a lunch audience of Longview Ambucs members the U.S. Constitution requires a high level of Senate support for treaties with other nations.

"It does not become effective unless two-thirds of the Senate approves it," he said. "(President Barack Obama) doesn't get a vote — it's two-thirds of the Senate."

Gohmert said the pact cut earlier this summer with Iran and four other nations has ingredients common to treaties — arms, ICBMs, sanctions.

"This is a treaty," he said. "The Iran deal, it's dangerous."

The six-term congressman said Russia, China and France back the international agreement because it lifts sanctions blocking them from selling arms to the rogue nation.

"That will make it much more dangerous for Israel," he said, later lamenting America's lack of action after the 1979 coup that ousted Iran's civil government and installed a theocratic regime. "If we had stepped up back then, there are thousands of military that would still be alive today."
We need many more on board...and, yes, I know, that includes overcoming the GOP leadership that will go along with Obama, but not their constituents. A steep hill to climb.

Constituents, take note, because it's gonna be the generations that come after you, your children and beyond, that will be the ones to struggle with a nuked up Iran in the world. For these temporary politicians on both sides of the aisle towing the line for a rogue post-constitutional president, they'll either be long gone...or you'll continue to be suckered into reinstalling them election after dreaded election until they're literally gone.

America, don't allow them to continue destroying you from within, while aiding the enemies abroad.

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ADDENDUM: And unfortunately, it's looking more and more unlikely that the GOP will do much of anything against Obama's madness on this deal or any of his lawlessness...
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show: Never before has a president negotiated a deal with a sworn enemy of the United States, yet that’s exactly what President Obama is doing with support from virtually every Democrat in the Senate. None of this would have been possible without the Corker bill, which gave Obama all the power he needed. Now all that stands between stopping the arming of Iran with nuclear warheads are the Republicans. They can suspend the filibuster for just this vote, but Mitch McConnell and company won’t step up. The American people reject the Iran deal but Washington politicians could care less, just like with immigration. We no longer insist that immigrants assimilate into our culture – instead we have ethnic front groups, many of which are funded by the government, insist that we embrace their culture and reject Americanization.
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