Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Obama's degrowth bound in Alaska

Yet again, another vacation and the only thing transparent about this president is his authenticity. (Yeah, that's not Obama...but he thinks it is.)

Just count the contradictions, false narratives and damn lies as he says "I expect to learn a lot" on his Alaska trip, while it's apparent that his opinions have already been formed about the pseudo-science of global cooling warming climate-change. He's just hoping to discover more anecdotes to buttress the green propaganda...for the green in your pockets!

RCP: President Obama is travelling to Alaska next week, to see the effects of climate change. According to Obama, Alaska has "some of the swiftest shoreline erosion in the world, in some places more than three feet per year. The glaciers are melting faster too, threatening tourism and adding to rising seas."

"If we do nothing, Alaskan temperatures are expected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century, changing all sorts of industries forever. This is all real. This is happening to our fellow Americans right now."

"Alaska's governor recently told me that four villages are in imminent danger and need to be relocated. Already rising sea levels are beginning to swallow an island community."
It's spelled N-A-T-U-R-E. But if it neither proves nor disproves the Left's enviro-belief, then it must be the truth they need to propel the cause. So, by Obama's logic, the SUN has nothing to do with anything, plant life doesn't require the greenhouse gases of water vapor or carbon dioxide, his home state of Hawaii would have never been allowed to form square foot after square foot of accumulated lava flow from continuous volcanic activity, nor would his politically-adopted state of Illinois contain a Great Lake on its northeastern shore carved out from glacial retreat 20,000 years ago. Natural cycles couldn't possibly exist. And the same computer models that have projected wrongly all these years are somehow now right and real!

While Obama's EPA continues to hide evidence of its own disasters and shams, this resident would be so willfully ignorant and arrogant as to promote the idea that man is capable of controlling the elements.

There is a distinct difference between the reality of being good stewards and the illusion of being something greater. I'm pretty sure renaming mountains and joining reality shows contribute to neither, but whatever it takes to further the degrowth movement, he'll do it.

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