Friday, September 11, 2015

Rebuke? 'Obama just succeeded in ignoring the Constitution yet again!'

And these so-called leaders let him. Obama doesn't give two $#*ts about a rebuke, Johnny boy...
"The House on Friday rejected a resolution to approve the Iran nuclear deal, with the vote underscoring how controversial the accord has been with President Obama’s own party. ... The tally was 162-269. While the failure of the resolution will not prevent the nuclear pact from taking effect, the vote serves as a rebuke of Obama." Do you think Obama gives a rat's rear end? A rebuke to Obama, only maybe in a convoluted ego sense.

But in terms of the deal, do you know what Obama is doing right now? He just got away with screwing the House. He just got away with making the Congress irrelevant in the treaty process. He's celebrating up there, however he does it. A rebuke? Obama just succeeded in ignoring the Constitution yet again with the agreement and concurrence of what should be the opposition party, at least in the Senate.
Feckless cowards misleading both houses...

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