Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#OutOfTouch: Slaughter of Christians & worldwide genocide, but Pope & President want to talk about 'climate change' & immigrants?

"I watched Obama and I watched the Pope earlier, and I think to myself, they want to talk about global warming and poverty? Why don't they want to talk about the genocide that's going on in the Middle East? Because Barack Obama can talk about eliminating poverty all he wants, but he won't do what's necessary to eliminate genocide. And I would think this Pope, given the conditions in the world, how horrific they are, would come to the United States, the beacon of liberty, where we've lost thousands and thousands of men and women fighting this evil, would stand up against what's going on in the Middle East. This is the perfect place to do it; this is the perfect opportunity. Instead, we get global warming as if he's a Democrat Senator from Massachusetts. I don't put the man down as the leader of the Catholic Church in any respect, I never would. But I do challenge his politics, which are destructive, as are Barack Obama's, as are all the other leftists."
Thank you for saying EXACTLY what we're thinking, Mark!
TRS: Mark Levin said the whole day went by and neither Obama nor the Pope mentioned the Christians being raped and slaughtered by ISIS. Yet they were more than happy to talk about Climate Change, something he said doesn’t mean anything to the girl being raped by 20 different men every day.
Levin went on to also discuss the flagrant disrespect towards the citizenry in contrast to the praise heaped on non-citizens, and much, much more. Listen:

"The whole day went by with all the pomp, the whole day went by with all the speeches and all the prayers, and nothing about the evisceration of Christians in the Middle East, nothing about the genocide, nothing, not a word, not a word from the Pope, not a word from the President with the strongest nation on the face of the earth, not a word. Unfortunately, that says way too much."
Indeed it does. And Mark helps us cut to the heart of the matter: this is a worldly Pope who seeks to serve two masters. One would think the fundamental warnings of Matthew and Luke would be given some regard...
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show: Too many religious leaders around the world, including Pope Francis, seem to worship 2 gods: the real God and the god of big government. Political and religious leaders today are sending us over the cliff. Capitalism is the most humane economic system, the converse being a growing centralized police state and the spread of poverty and despair through redistribution – also known as socialism. Also, we’re tired of being lectured about immigration, whether its President Obama, Republicans, Democrats, or the Pope. The Pope should be thanking American citizens for their hospitality since 1 in 5 immigrants in the world come to America. For all the talk Obama and leftists do about humanity, there’s more slaughter and genocide in the world today than before Obama took office. They’re not worried about saving actual human lives, but about global warming.
Levin also went in depth on how we're constantly made to defend capitalism, but virtually no time, with this Pope or President, is spent debating and exposing the tyranny of socialism (or more broadly referred to as statism), "instead it's promoted as 'fair', something that creates 'social justice', gives people free things, it's humanistic, it's 'equal'. Outcomes and results are almost irrelevant."
"Socialism is, folks, an assertion, a claim, a demand. To the extent there's equality under socialism, it's an equality of destitution, it's a conformity. Capitalism understands man's imperfections; socialism insists on the perfection of man. Capitalism respects individuality; socialism demands conformity. Capitalism empowers the individual or groups of individuals; socialism empowers an ubiquitous leviathan. In capitalism, the individual is master; in socialism, the state is master. Capitalism is about voluntary arrangements; socialism is about coerced conduct and arrangements. Under capitalism, decision-making is dispersed; under socialism, decision-making is centralized and exercised by a few. Capitalism relies on the people making their own decisions; socialism relies on a beneficent mastermind or masterminds making decisions for the people. Capitalism is compatible with constitutionalism; socialism destroys the constitutional order..."

"Capitalism, the right to private property...the right to defend your property through due process...the right to be wealthy if you seek to pursue it or not, voluntary trade, voluntary commerce. Imperfect, yes! Man's imperfect; all institutions are imperfect. Capitalism isn't perfect, but it's the most perfect of imperfect models...

Rather than trying to deminish the individual, rather than trying to coerce the individual, rather than trying to destroy the individual, it allows the individual to express him or herself as he or she wishes without dictates from politicians and bureaucrats and judges and committees. Free market capitalism, we should really appreciate it."
Though it's barely ever mentioned, the majority of immigrants legally and illegally entering our country right now are coming from socialistic countries. That, as well as the unassimilated stance, are severely problematic for the preservation of our governing system and society at large. Mark also briefly mentioned the Argentinian demise to encapsulate where this Pope came from. Folks, it's time for the frank truth and reality between these two diametrically different worldviews...
"So those who speak, whether they're religious leaders or political leaders or self-described experts or intellectuals, about the humanity and compassion of socialism, they're not right. And it seems to me those who advocate that position should be on the defense, they'd have to explain themselves. They'd have to demonstrate with evidence why they're right and we're wrong. But all I know is this: Mao Tse-tung wasn't a capitalist. Joseph Stalin wasn't a capitalist. Adolf Hitler wasn't a capitalist. The killing fields in Cambodia, that wasn't on behalf of capitalism... The mass genocides in the world weren't in any respect promoted, encouraged, caused as a result of capitalism, but the opposite: an increasingly coercive, totalitarian state, redistributing wealth, where a relative handful of masterminds make decisions for everybody else. These police states. Some of them are softer than others; some of them are more aggressive than others, but it's the same seed, the seed of tyranny."
From the womb (of which there's been not even an utterance!) to everyday life, the opportunity to make an impact on genuine social justice in the world seems lost on a pontiff and a president, and that is why I offer this prayer...
ALMIGHTY God, who hast created man in thine own image; Grant us grace fearlessly to contend against evil, and to make no peace with oppression; and, that we may reverently use our freedom, help us to employ it in the maintenance of justice among men and nations, to the glory of thy holy Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
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