Friday, September 18, 2015

Cruz LIGHTS UP HeritageAction 'Take Back America' presidential forum

Oh, look...and LISTEN! Heritage Action for America held a 'Take Back America' presidential forum today that was more informative than any of these so-called 'debates' on the cable news networks. Here's where we're finally allowed to forgo the media stiflers and actual hear Ted Cruz speak!
"Last I checked, Barack Obama doesn't spend a whole lot of time spooning with congressional Republicans. If we're gonna turn this around, we can't nominate or elect a Republican president who will simply manage the decline of this country. Just once, Republicans should nominate a candidate as committed to conservative principles as Barack Obama is to liberal principles!"

"I'm gonna suggest to you the difference between me and the other very fine men and women who are running for president is when push comes to shove, when it comes to the moment to make the decision, whether it is really taking on Obamacare, whether it is standing up to amnesty, whether it is actually defunding Planned Parenthood, or whether it is standing up and putting a principled conservative jurist on the Supreme Court, the difference between me and the other candidates is that I'm gonna do what I told you I would do!"
And the way he wraps up his time on stage addressing the enemies of America...phenomenal! #CRUZ2016

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